Things You Probably Know About Numbing Creams!

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Test your knowledge about numbing cream with these quick facts. It will also help you choosing the best one.Things You Probably Know About Numbing Creams!

Numbing cream is a popular way to tame your pain, no matter if you are going to have a tattoo or piercing. Numbing cream is a local anaesthetic which dulls your skin so that you can’t feel pain or any process over your skin. No wonder that people use numbing cream before critical skin processes like tattooing, piercing or minor surgical incisions.

Considering the role of numbing cream, you should be familiar with some facts about the numbing cream, especially when it comes to shopping it. Do you know which the best numbing cream is? Do you know how it works?

Find your answers here in these quick facts about numbing cream.

Lidocaine Based Creams are most effective:

From benzocaine, prilocaine to lidocaine, there is variety of topical anesthetic creams to choose from. However, lidocaine is the most powerful numbing agent among them. Lidocaine based cream can keep your skin numb for 2-3 hours.

However, make sure the cream contains 5% lidocaine. You can use Dr. Numb cream which has 5% lidocaine for the safe numbing of your skin.

Water Based Creams are Ideal:

Make sureto check the consistency of a numbing cream. Water based creams go well with tattoo making process as they don’t interact with the ink, unlike greasy creams. As an added bonus, you can wipe off the water based numbing cream easily.

Which One Should You Choose–Pre Tattooing or Post Tattooing?

Some tattoo numbing creams are used before the process while some are used in middle or after the process. Pre-tattooing numbing cream prepares the skin for tolerating the pain; post tattooing numbing cream reduces the penetration pain in middle of the tattooing. We recommend you to use strong numbing cream like Dr. Numb so that you don’t feel pain throughout the process, from starting till the end.

Usage of Numbing Cream Determines the Effect:

If you want to get long lasting numbing effect requiring for the process, you should use numbing cream appropriately. It means that you should follow the guidelines given on the pack. How long you have to wear the anesthetic cream? What to do before applying it or how to remove it? Wearing it for less than required time will not activate the numbing effect while exceeding the time frame can cause side effects.  Some numbing creams come with specific instructions. The general guidelines to use a numbing cream are…

  • Wash the area with soap and water
  • Pat dry with clean towel
  • Apply the good amount of numbing cream
  • Cover the area with a plastic wrap to generate the heat
  • Remove the wrap after one hour

Your skin will be numbed within 20-30 minutes of application.

Don’t use numbing cream on broken skin like wounds and rashes. If you have skin condition or medical condition, then consult your doctor before using the cream.




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