Things You Probably Know About Numbing Cream

January 20, 2017   2679

Most of the people buy numbing cream online or at drug store for having a painless tattoo and piercing procedure. Numbing cream is efficient because of its active numbing agents blocking the pain nerves that carry pain signals to the brain.Things You Probably Know About Numbing Cream

And it is equally true that most people don’t know about the basics things of numbing cream, just like any other medication drug. They just know that the cream will ease their pain.

But we strongly recommend that you must be aware of the ingredients, procedures and quality of the numbing cream to make a great purchase.

Here we have listed the essentials things to know about numbing cream.

What are its Ingredients?

Numbing cream derives its numbing effect from the powerful anesthetic agents like Lidocaine, Prilocaine and Benzocaine. A numbing cream can individually contain each of these or having the combination of all. However, Lidocaine is the most powerful numbing agents present in the numbing creams. This is why Lidocaine based creams are recommended for the tattoos, waxing and piercing where high pain tolerance is required.

They Have Both Pros and Cons:

While numbing eases your pain during tattooing and piercing, it can trigger certain side-effects if used without precautions. For example, if you wear numbing cream for long, you may feel excessive numbness, cold feeling, light headed feeling, drowsiness, slow heart rate and seizures.

In simple words, numbing cream is safe as long as you are following precautions. You must wash off the numbing cream once they activated numbness.

Quality Does Matter:

Not all numbing creams are same. Some are mild while some are strong enough to cover the long tattoo and piercing durations. This is why you must know your purpose; check the ingredients and user reviews before shopping the numbing cream. Dr. Numb numbing cream is the safest and recommended by every tattoo artist.

Numbing Cream and Your Purpose:

From tattooing, waxing to injections, numbing creams cover all the processes. And each process requires different efficiency of numbing cream. There are many numbing creams only marketed for the tattoos while other may be for waxing and injections. Some creams like Dr. Numb is suitable for all purposes.

Right Way to Apply the Cream:

Numbing cream is different from your common skin ointment. Being the topical anesthetic cream, you must apply it wisely after reading the guidelines given on the pack. Generally, you must wash and pat dry your skin. Thereafter, apply the numbing cream and cover it with a wrap. After 45 minutes, wash it off.


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