Things Every Beginner Wants to Ask About Tattoos

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If you are getting a tattoo for a very first time, you must have many questions to ask.Things Every Beginner Wants to Ask About Tattoo

You like to know if you can get a tattoo over your scars or freckles. Should you skip swimming for some days after getting a tattoo?

Fret not! Here we have answered the common questions you always wanted to ask before and after tattooing.

Can I Shave Over My Tattoo?

Make sure your tattoo has healed completely. If it is still fresh, avoid getting gliding a razor over that. Remember, fresh tattoo is an open wound. It will take 2-3 weeks, and then it is OK to shave over it.

Can I Tattoo Over Freckles?

Yes, you can. It is completely possible to tattoo over freckles depending on your skin complexion and ink choice. If you are still in doubt, talk to your tattoo artist the process

Is it Normal to Have a Tattoo over Scar?

Well, it is determined by scar’s age and type and ink pigment. Therefore, you must schedule a consultation with your artist to get the better view on that.

How Long I Have to Wait to Get a Tattoo Cover up?

You should wait until your tattoo has healed completely and it will take 3-4 weeks.

Can I Swim After Getting a Tattoo?

If your tattoo is still fresh and some days old, you must avoid swimming or taking bath in public pools or ocean.  Swimming pool water has bacteria and chlorine which can aggravate your wound (fresh tattoo).

Do Tattoos Hurt?

They hurt but that depends on your pain threshold and the body parts you are getting them on. If pain has made you conscious, you can use Dr. Numb numbing cream to reduce the pain and discomfort level in tattooing.

How to Take Care of New Tattoo?

 Aftercare is essential to protect the design, ink vibrancy and the tattooed skin. There are many things you should keep in mind to take care your new tattoo:

  • Clean your tattoo with soap and water
  • Apply sunscreen to protect it from direct sun exposure
  • Avoid soaking in water for longer
  • Listen to your tattoo artist
  • You can use the antibacterial ointment given by your artist

So, these are the things you always wanted to know about a new tattoo. The conclusion is that you should follow the aftercare regimen to avoid troubles and complications.

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