The Tattooed Chester Bennington

January 29, 2016   6661

Chester Bennington – the famous musician, singer, composer and actor from America, the lead vocalist of Linkin Park and the owner of the Band, Dead By Sunrise. Besides, he has also been into popularity for his tattooed arms.


Bennington is a tattoo fanatic. He revealed that he held off on getting inked until he turns 18 because he knew his dad would “kick his ass” if he didn’t.

Chester’s Tattoos

Bennington has 15 tattoos, each tattoo with some meaning. His colorful arms are inked in flames, which is his favorite tattoo. He says he got the inspiration for this flame tattoo from the one on his shoulders. It is based on fishes and ocean creatures and also represents his sign, Pisces. Chester’s arm tattoos symbolize his varied personalities: water and fire.

There are 6 arms tattooed on his back. His friend, who inked the tattoo on his back, revealed that it was the visual representation of how Chester reaches out and grabs his audience. Another tattoo on the bottom of his back has the name of the band tattooed in Goth letters. However, the tattoo is incomplete till date. You can see two Chinese dragons on the back of his left leg. Chester was born in the year of Dragon, which is the reason behind his dragon tattoo. He says that it is the same Samantha (his first spouse) has on her butt.

On his right hand finger, he has a gold ring with a big rock on the top. He got the ring on his birthday. And on his finger of the left hand, he has his wedding ring. His left elbow is inked with a skull with swords. His chest has the initials TB and CB (Chester Bennington and Talinda Bennington) with roses under.

While he is so passionate about the getting tattoos, he didn’t like to go to the beach before becoming popular as people didn’t like the tattoos. He always had a fear of no getting the right job because of the unprofessionalism his tattoo revealed. And now that he has money he does whatever he wants.

Besides getting etched, he has also worked and done promotions with Club Tattoo – a tattoo parlor in Tempe, Arizona. The tattoo parlor is possessed by Sean Dowdell, Bennington’s friend since high school whom he played with in both the bands. He revealed his tattoos by posing shirtless for PETA’s “Ink, Not Mink” anti-fur campaign.

Chester as an Individual

Chester is very particular about his life and his choices. He is the only band member who needs a kit of suit cases for his clothes and shoes. He has a different pair of shoes for each different pair of clothes, even his underwear has to combine with his clothes, his socks has to combine with the shoes, etc. All his outfits are really important for him. Everything has to be really organized for him. Chester says, “He understands many fans need to go to shows so they can externalize the chaos they live on, he feels stronger when he sees all the fans jumping and having fun.”

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