The Increasing Flexibility Of Employers Towards Visible Tattoos

November 07, 2015   1031

The tattoo is popular form of body art especially among the youth and even now people in their 30s, 40s have started to get their body tattooed for a new look or just to be a part of the trend. Tattoo is even famous among breast cancer survivors who get their bodies tattooed to beautify themselves and to move ahead of the awful experience they have been through. So, tattoos have become an acceptable part of our society.

Tattoos in Office

But when it comes to corporate and professional world tattoos were still seen as something which sensible people should go for.

The Changing Scenario

The trend seems to change now. It seems employers are no longer bothered whether the employee has an inked body or not.

According to a report published in The Huffington Post last week, the famous Jimmy John’s sandwich chain known for its restrictive dress code will soon come up with flexible policies about tattoos.

A memo by sandwich maker says “A little ink is OK, as long as it’s tasteful and not on the face or throat.???

Many other employers have changed their approach towards employees with tattoos recently by amending their rules on tattoos. Even Starbucks and PetSmart changed their policy last year allowing “appropriate” tattoos. And the U.S. Army has also relaxed its rules for tattoos earlier this year.

What Led To The Change?

As per a study by the Pew Research Center in 2010, around 40 percent of millennials have tattooed bodies and around half of the ones who have them sport from two to five. The major reason for change can be the increasing number of people with inked bodies in the corporate ranks who are in favor of ink –friendly policies.

Brian Elzweig who is a law professor at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi said the restrictions in the restaurant industry are also reduced now. He added “I think what’s been happening is more and more people who have tattoos are getting into levels of management, and whether they’re visible or not, they have a much more lenient attitude.”

Retailers and fast-food companies have also started feeling the crisis of a tighter labor market, and that’s why are loosening up their overall dress codes as this can only become an hindrance in finding the most qualified workers.

In June, Wal-Mart also started giving its workers flexible choices for the pants they wear to work. And Abercrombie & Fitch have also come up with changes in their strict dress codes earlier this year.

The decision at Jimmy John’s can be an outcome of the petition which began on the website and was signed by nearly 9,000 people out of which 4,600 were found to be Jimmy John’s employees.

A similar campaign by Starbucks workers also led to the change in coffee chain’s policy about tattoos last October. As per the campaign of Jimmy John’s “Letting us express our individuality isn’t really much to ask for”.

Impact On Job Seekers And Students

Although the companies are changing its policies for visible tattoos but this has still made many students and job-seekers worried about their professional start. As per a study at University of Tampa, 86 percent of students who were surveyed had a notion that they would face troubles finding a job. And almost the same number said that they would give it a thought before they get their bodies tattooed.

In all, there is increasing flexibility among big organizations regarding visible tattoos but this nowhere inspires anybody to go for tattoo without giving it a second thought.

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