Temporary Tattoos vs. Permanent Tattoos! Major Differences Unlocked

October 09, 2016   577

Temporary tattoo or permanent tattoo? Here are the major differences between them you must understand.

Temporary tattoo or permanent tattoo? What’s the difference between them? Which one is right for me?

Before choosing one of them, you need to consider several factors including pain level, fading time and cost factor. You need to know both pros a Temporary-Tattoos-vs.-Permanent-Tattoosnd downsides. Here we have given major differences between both types so that you get help for your tattoo decision.

Pain Factor:

Temporary tattoos are not painful as they are drawn with brushes, paints, sticker and dyes, rather than penetrating your body with needles. But permanent tattoos are not breeze for everyone. They hurt and can be intolerable for those having low pain threshold. Permanent tattoos are made with the needle penetrating your skin. If you are going for permanent tattoos, you can use good numbing cream like Dr. Numb to alleviate your pain.

Cost Factor:

Generally, temporary tattoos are cheaper as they are drawn easily with body. But permanent tattoos are expensive as it takes long time and patience for both client and artist. Plus, the cost is determined by the size, design and the rate of the artist. However, you must keep quality first in mind while going for any type of tattoo, be it’s a permanent tattoo or temporary one.

Fading Time:

Temporary tattoos may disappear soon, especially when they come into contact with soap or water. Permanent tattoos can go for long time or even lifetime. But you need touch ups to keep them vibrant.

Skin Damage:

Temporary tattoos are made with brush and stickers; hence they don’t damage your skin. But you have allergies due to the paint. Permanent tattoos are done with needles, thereby causing pain and bit bleeding. If you are fond of permanent tattoos, you can use numbing cream to avoid pain.

 Healing Time:

As it has been told earlier that temporary tattoos are made with brush, they don’t damage your skin. However, you can have skin itching if you are allergic to the colors or paints. They are not permanent. After getting permanent tattoos, your skin takes time to heal. Apart from that you need to follow the tattoo aftercare to make the tattoos long lasting.

Now you have understood the differences between temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos. Permanent tattoos should be selected with utmost care while you are free to experiment with your temporary tattoos.

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