Tattoos and Your Job What You Need to Know

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Have workplaces started accepting tattoos? How do industries take their tattooed employees? Learn here…Tattoos and Your Job What You Need to Know

Tattoos have become a part of the mainstream style. However, they are not that “accepted” in corporate spaces. Many workplaces don’t allow their employees to get a tattoo. If they have, they need to cover it. It can be justified as tattoos, according to them, don’t go well with a professional and trustworthy image. In simple words, most of the businesses and workplace are not liberal towards tattoos. Some businesses are okay with tattooing, though they are particular about the visibility and size of the tattoos.

Why Employers Don’t Like Tattoos?

  • Tattoos look unprofessional
  • Tattoos are associated with rebels and criminals
  • Tattoos can cause distractions

Some of the least tattoo friendly industries are…


Surprisingly, healthcare industry is lenient about body arts and piercing. It is more common to see a nurse or doctor carrying beautiful tattoos on their arms. However, healthcare facilities require their personals to cover their tattoos and piercing. Some clinics and hospitals won’t accept large pieces.

Law Enforcement Agencies:

Many law enforcement agencies like police view tattoos as unprofessional and something associated with criminals. You may be required to photograph and document all of the tattoos you have.

Law Firms:

Like healthcare personals, lawyers or related professionals like secretaries and clerks can ink their body but are not allowed to show it in the firm or court room. This is why you won’t find tattoos on the neck or knuckle of a lawyer.

Financial Institutions:

Financial institutions also require their personals to be well dressed to look professional and trustworthy. So, whether you are a accountant, financial advisor, or stock broker, make sure to read the dress and appearance policy of your firm.

Educational Institutions:

Educational institutions, especially public schools, are not so strict about body art. But they require you to cover the tattoos at all times because of the parent complaints and their interactions with the students. However, colleges and universities are liberal towards tattoos depending on the codes of the institutions.

Hotels and Resorts:

Acceptance of the tattoos in hospitality industry is determined by the designation. For example, if a person is working at front office, he is required to be well dressed and free of tattoos and piercing. On the other hand, staff members, like chef and storekeeper, who don’t interact with the guests may be allowed to get tattoos.

So, these are some occupations where you can enter with your body arts. Again, you should be aware of the tattoo codes of your existing or prospective workplace.




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