Tattooing Animals: Abusive or Artistic?

February 10, 2016   916

These days getting inked is so much in the air all around the world that people are not even leaving their pets. Tattooing yourself is fine, as it looks artistic and express your message to others. But, tattooing your pet looks quite abusive as they can’t speak and express their views. Moreover, it’s against the law!
Tattooing Animals

We may find many on this planet who just goes crazy for animals. There was a survey done in 2011, where we came up with a conclusion that 90% of the Americans live with their pets like dogs, cats. They love their pets so much that they consider them as one of the family members.

But, do you think tattooing your pet is artistic?

Keeping pets and caring about them is fine. But, hurting them by such things should be ignored!

Lets have a brief discussion on it…

It’s Artistic If You Go For Animal Tattoo Designs On Your Body…

Always go for such body art tattoos that you actually or always adore. The tattoo should be in such a way that you start falling in love with that every day and should express you and your life in a better way.

Do you love your pet like anything? Are you looking for a stunning animal tattoo design? Then, that’s a great idea to show others that how much you love your pet. Get the best tattoo inked on your body that describes you better with your pet. There are many free designs and styles you can find on the Internet.

One can even take tattoo expert advice. And, if you have any good pic clicked with your pet, you can ask him to copy that with permanent ink on your body. You can, likewise, communicate with other tattoo fans that could give you experiences on where to get the best animal tattoo in your region. In this way, you get more confident to stroll into a tattoo shop and more than 100% beyond any doubt that you will be getting the careful design you need.

Thus, this is something artistic you can say where you can be appreciated by the populace. You can convey your exact message that you’re an animal lover.

But, Abusive If You Start Tattooing Your Pets, That’s Cruel…

Now this might appear controversial because there are actually a few people who cross the limit and start tattooing their pets. There was a time, when horses were tattooed just for their identification and maintenance. But, this should be applied just for people who have a business with their horses, where a large number of horses are maintained.

Nowadays, watching this, people have started tattooing their pets like dogs, cats, and so on. Which is considered as cruelty. People should know that getting your pet tattooed is hurting. It’s a three hour process where your pet is kept under Anesthesia.

May be your pet looks outstanding after a tattoo, but believe it or not! It’s simply an abuse. The animal can’t talk that how agonizing the procedure is while getting a tattoo. They experience the pain for quite a long time after getting tattooed. Also, a continuous itching on the tattooed area lasts that irritates your pet a lot. It could, likewise, bring about issues if the animal is adversely affected by the ink, much the same as it does in people in some cases.

Thus, one must not get through such abusive act that leads to any mishappening like the death of your pet. Tattooing animal should be taken on a serious note and it should be stopped.

Stop Animal Cruelty, Stop Tattooing Your Pet!

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