Why Does Tattoo Swelling Happen? Should I Worry About That?

November 07, 2016   429

Should you really worry about tattoo swelling? Find your answer here…….

Tattoo Swelling

 “I recently got a tattoo. I was super excited unless it was developed with swelling, bruising and irritation. Is it normal? Should I panic over it?”

Well, that is an excerpt from the mail sent by one of our avid readers, and most of you can easily relate with the same problem. Many of you want to repeat the same question—Is tattoo swelling normal?

Without any big talks, the straight answer is yes. Tattoo swelling after getting fresh tattoo is normal. This is because a new tattoo is still a fresh wound make by the rapidly piercing of the skin by a needle to pass through the through several of its layers to deposit ink below the skin.

And swelling and bruising is the healing process started by the body which is medically termed as contusion. Generally, your tattooed area will take up to four weeks recover from bruising and swelling. 

Why Does My Fresh Tattoo Swell?

As it has been told earlier that a fresh tattoo is a wound to your immune system, a blood clot develops around the broken skin, creating a bruise at the pierced site. In this scenario, your body delivers white blood cells to prevent bacterial and viral bodies trying to enter the cracks. The extra fluids are developed within the injured area that creates swelling for protection and healing as well.

Factors of Tattoo Swelling and Bruises:

Location of Your Tattoo:

Swelling is likely to appear while having tattoo on fleshier parts or where there is a lot of blood flow close to the skin. Fresh tattoos trigger swelling when they are under the arm, inner leg’s area and on the side of the neck.

Taking Alcohol and Coffee:

Alcohol, coffee and even aspirin are blood thinners, thereby causing swelling. So, you must avoid them before, during and after getting a tattoo.

Prolong Tattoo Process:

If your tattoo session is stretched for hours, chances are you can end up with bruising and swelling to the area.

Using Numbing Cream:

Numbing creams are used to ease your pain during tattoo making process. To reduce the pain, they often block the blood flow to that area, making nervous system sensitive to trigger the swelling. But that doesn’t mean numbing creams are harmful. You can use Dr. Numb numbing cream to keep your tattoo making process safe and pain free.

Apart from that, your skin sensitivity may be another reason making your tattoo prone to the swelling.

So, this is all about the tattoo swelling and the responsible factors. Again, don’t panic over tattoo swelling as it is the normal process.

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