Want A Tattoo But Scared Of Needles? Numbing Is The Solution

January 24, 2017   573

Tattoo is my passion, I have been trying to get them from my teenage, but couldn’t dare to get it done. It involves the painful procedure of inking. However, this never let me put off from going under the needle.Want A Tattoo But Scared Of Needles Numbing Is The Solution

Luckily, I found a simple solution to ease this discomfort. I went to the tattoo parlor and told the artist that I want a tattoo on my wrist, but I am scared of this painful process.

There he told me that before starting the process, we apply numbing cream on the area where you want to get inked to evacuate the pain. And, it is amazingly effective and gentle on the skin. Believe me! With the help of the tattoo numbing cream, the whole inking process gets awesome, and I am very much sure, it will change yours too.

With my personal experience, to make your tattooing process worth, here are the things you must care to do…

All you need is to ask for numbing…

There are many shops that do not make you aware of the option to numb the area before tattooing, but this is in fact an option available at most of the tattoo parlors.

If the pain of the tattoo needle is really painful and irritating you, don’t be afraid to request some good numbing cream like Dr. Numb, beforehand.

The numbing cream is applied to the skin for 40-50 minutes, and after that inking is done without botheration.

If it is your first tattoo…

Getting another tattoo is like having a minor medical procedure done. Your skin is infiltrated by quickly moving needles, that deposit ink below the top layer of your skin. Once finished, your tattoo is an open wound, which is open to infection and require care.

So, below are the tips you need to follow;

  • Plan yourself and your body for your tattoo – the more prepared and comfort you are, the more you will have the capacity to sit for your tattoo.
  • How to take care of your tattoo once you’ve had it done – maintain a distance from infection, so your tattoo will heal it without any damage.
  • Invest money on aftercare creams and anti-bacterial wash proposed for tattoo’s.

Tattoo Pre-care, planning and tattoo aftercare will help with the whole tattoo mending procedure and give you the best opportunity for your tattoo to totally recuperate, with no blow out, blurring or loss of ink.

Although, there are many creams in the market. But, you need to do a meticulous research in order to get the best numbing cream for you. Also, do your thorough research before picking any tattoo parlor.

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