Tattoo Removal Cost: What You Need To Know?

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Cost is one of the major concerns while pondering over tattoo removal. Here we have told you how popular tattoo removal process may cost you.

Tattoo removal is quite expensive. The cost is determined by the size and the type of the tattoo and the removal method. From laser, tattoo cream to traditional methods like salabrasion, there are many tattoo removals you can choose from. Here we have listed the estimated cost coming in each process so that you can determine the right one according to your budget.

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  1. Laser Tattoo Removal:

Laser tattoo removal is the most popular and efficient tattoo removal option. In laser tattoo removal, laser beams are directed towards the tattooed skin which breaks down the pigments, leading to the fading of the tattoo. However, it requires you undergo multiple sessions to see the results.

And multiple sessions determines how much you have to pay for the complete treatment. The more sessions you undergo, the more you have to pay. However, the number of sessions may vary according to the skin type, tattoo pigment, tattoo location, type of laser and location of the tattoo.

Given that laser tattoo removal can take multiple sessions to complete, the estimated cost could be as little as $1,000 or as high as $10,000.

Let’s break down the cost according to the size of the tattoo. Generally, the prices per square inch of the tattoo are set between $49-300 in the USA. It means that the removal of smaller or medium-sized tattoo would cost you anywhere from $200 to $500.


Measure the width and length of the tattoo and multiply them together to get the square inches. If your tattoo is 15 square inch and it requires nearly 8 sittings, the total cost can be $5,880 keeping all sessions in mind. The larger the tattoo, the higher you will be charged.

How to Bring Down the Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal?

To be frank, laser tattoo removal is expensive. In fact, it is 10 times expensive than tattooing. If you don’t mind spending thousands of dollars on the treatment, this method should be fine with your budget. What if you are cash-strapped or someone who is budget conscious? We think that you can bring down the cost of laser tattoo removal.

Here’s how…

  • Get it done during winters as the tattoo removal demand is lower than summer. And tattoo removal clinics look for more business. So, here you can ask for a discount. However, make sure to choose expert and certified tattoo removal clinic.
  • Tattoo removal clinics are more affordable than a dermatologist office. Plus, they have more experience than dermatologist in tattoo removal.
  • Get laser tattoo removal sessions in a package. It will minimize your per session cost and overall tattoo removal cost.
  • Getting tattoo removal is slow during the week as compared to the weekend. Ask the providers if they can offer you weekday discounts. Similarly, you can ask for the morning as they don’t have many customers at that time.
  • Prefer getting it done with a Picosure laser if you are looking for a quick tattoo removal with minimum discomfort. Otherwise, Q-switched lasers are the best option to go for if you want the lowest tattoo removal cost per sitting.
  1. Tattoo Removal Cream:

Another widely used option is a tattoo removal cream. It is ten times cheaper than one laser sitting, making it a tempting and affordable. These creams contain acid that peels off the top layers of your skin, leading to some scarring that might hide your tattoo. Simply put, it just fades a tattoo, instead of removing it completely from the skin. For example, it just fades black tattoos to yellow or green shade. However, it may not be successful in case of yellow, pastels and fluorescent ink. The biggest drawback is that you have to wait longer to see the results with tattoo removal cream. If you have money but don’t have patience, going for a laser tattoo removal is a suitable option.

Does Tattoo Removal Cream Pose Side Effect?

Given that tattoo removal cream contains bleaching substance to fade the tattoos, you may end up with irritation or other complications after application. Many people have reported that they feel as if they have applied a sensitive chemical to their skin. Even worse, the cream also has abrasive ingredients to scar the tattooing skin. It may not be safe for thin skin.

Therefore, it is better if you consult your physician before buying the cream, especially if you are suffering from medical condition or allergies.

  1. Salabrasion:

Salabrasion is the least expensive tattoo removal. It peels away the upper layers of the tattooed skin by sanding it with the salt compound.Best thing is that you can try this at home. And the worst part is that it doesn’t guarantee you a result. Let’s see how to do it.

All you need to take salt, tab water, and abrasive device. Place salt in the tattoo area. Add some water. Now, rub the abrasive device on the tattoo area until it turns red or starts to bleed. Later, use antibiotic and secure it with a bandage. However, visit your physician if you experience pain and intense redness as it can be a sign of infection. Repeat the process after 3 days. It will fade the tattoo appearance.

Other Tattoo Removal Options

There are some doctors who will surgically remove parts of your skin that were inked. They normally only do this in a medical emergency, such as an allergic reaction towards the ink or a terrible skin infection, so it will be difficult to find one who would do it in a non-emergency situation. If you do, the price will depend on what kind of surgeon they recommend for the procedure. It will probably cost about the same as laser tattoo removal. Unlike laser tattoo removal, it is guaranteed to remove the tattoo in the first go. In the case of a poor or inexperienced surgeon, it might leave a scar behind. This is arguably better than laser therapy, which inadvertently ages your skin much faster than it should.

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