Tattoo Fade Cream: Will It Work?

March 24, 2018   1720

People love body modifications. Whether it is about piercing or tattooing, these activities are getting popular day by day. Undoubtedly, getting a new tattoo will be a very exciting time in your life. And when you first get a tattoo, you never think that you will ever want it to be removed, right?

But that’s not the case. Reports suggest that 23 percent of inked people report regretting their decision of tattooing. Once a few years pass, you might find that keeping a tattoo is no longer a good idea.  Now there can be many reasons for people wanting to remove their tattoos. For instance;

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  • You might be obsessed with love once and got the picture or name of your sweetheart inked on your body. Unfortunately, when the love turns bitter after a while, the tattoo becomes untenable.
  • It might become a burden on mind and heart. You will feel relieved by unburdening yourself of the tattoo as soon as possible.
  • What if tattooed image conveys an unintended negative message and you find it repulsive?
  • You might, rightly or wrongly, associate it with your failures. Might be a failure on the job front!
  • As even today people look at tattooing as an aberrant and a bizarre practice, it may appear that your tattoo creates a bad impression on others.

Whatever is the reason, as now you have decided to remove the tattoo, you must be now looking for a simple yet effective way of getting rid of the ink, isn’t it? While removing tattoos is very difficult, you can relax a little as it is not an impossible task.

Will tattoo fade cream work?

When it comes to tattoo removal, tattoo fade cream are considered by many people to be the first choice. Wondering why? The reason is simple; it is known to be a painless way of getting yourself rid of tattoos. However, how long it might take a tattoo to fade, and how well it turns off, is hard to say.

If you choose a tattoo fade cream, you need to know that there are several different brands ensuring magical results. But before you decide to go with anyone, you need to know that these don’t work to remove your tattoo permanently. It is all about how different colored inks respond to the same chemical. Therefore, you need to find some good and safe tattoo fade cream. These can be chosen as per the age, color, and size of your tattoo.

Here it is worth noticing that if you’ve decided to get rid of your current tattoo or you are grown out of it, or just you want to make room for a new one, you must consider all of your options.

How to get rid of unwanted tattoos efficiently?

The good thing about tattoo removal is that there are many methods which you can try. Among these, the most efficient and effective one is using a laser. While with tattoo fade creams, it might take several months and multiple treatments, laser process calls for just a few sessions before your skin is free of the tattoo.


Well, the easiest and cheapest way might be using fade creams. But when it is about efficiency, the answer may vary. You need to understand that when you get tattooed, the ink particles stay in because those are too big for your tissues to remove. Now when the laser emits powerful pulses of light these lead to the breakdown of the ink pigment into tiny particles. Hence, it will easily remove the body’s immune system. It would take somewhere between weeks and months for proper results to appear.

The biggest concern with laser process is that it is said to be painful!

It would be unfair to say that it is not. But the good thing is that it can be made painless. Wondering how? Simple, you need a topical anesthetic cream like Dr. Numb which can block pain signals at the nerve ending. Actually, this cream consists of 5% lidocaine which is a numbing agent. On application, it will make your skin numb and there will be no discomfort caused.

When it comes to the number of laser treatments required to remove the unwanted tattoo varies depends on how deep the ink was injected, the type of ink used, and the location of the tattoo. Plus, the color of the ink will be a big factor in determining how many laser sessions you need to remove the tattoo. While black and blue tattoos are the easiest to remove, lighter colors such as green and yellow pigments are the hardest one to handle. Usually, laser tattoo removal process would require somewhere around 4 to 12 sittings, each spaced out 5 weeks apart.
Regardless of the tattoo removal method you choose, it is worth noticing that you can expect better results once the tattoo starts to age. It is almost impossible to get rid of ink if it is less than a year old. Even experts will not try to remove them until they are a bit older. So, it is better you make the decision of getting inked carefully.

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