Tattoo aftercare tips and essentials

February 12, 2016   1203

Tattooing is a complex process in itself. You almost spent a great time in searching the right design, meaning of your perfect tattoo design, a right artist and much more. Finally, you get the job done perfectly and you are very happy, that’s it? Certainly not; it is right after the tattoo deign when you need to start with the aftercare process. Find out what all you need to do.
Tattoo aftercare tips and essentialsHave you finally decided to get with a tattoo now? Well that is really good as you are picking one of the most famous forms of body art. Tattooing has been known to the world since ages. It was always there in trend, and it is just that the form of tattoos kept on changing with the passage of time.

When you are all set to get your body inked, you start looking for a recommended tattoo artist. That is a must as he will probably help you find some great design and get the job done in the most appropriate way. But getting inked is one part, and maintaining it for long time is another task. You need to live with the tattoo for all your life. Therefore, after getting a tattoo done you cannot dare to escape the aftercare tips.

Ignoring these will lead you nowhere, except the bad tattoo mark. Here is what you need to concentrate on:

Don’t play with the bandage:

Your tattoo artist has placed the bandage on your tattoo. Definitely, he did it for some reasons, isn’t it? But most of the time, just in excitement to show off their design, people remove the bandage. Hence, you first tip is not to remove your bandage in less than 3 hours, at least. Basically, it is done to keep it away from dust, dirt, and bacteria. Along this, the bandage will soak the blood, extra ink, and excess of numbing solution and make your tattoo color smooth. You need to consider your new tattoo as a fresh wound, which really needs protection.

Maintains it hygiene:

After you remove the bandage, it is your responsibility to keep your tattoo clean. You can consider washing it with a mild soap, prefer using the one can sanitize, disinfect and boost the healing process. Avoid using the scented one, which is chemical filled.

Keep it away from heat and sweat:

Your fresh tattoo needs special attention. Especially, if you are getting it done in summers, when sun is at its peak, you need to protect your tattoo from direct sunlight. Too much heat can burn your skin and hence, it is advisable not to expose yourself to UV rays. Along this, for the first 2 to 3 weeks, keep distance from the pools, beaches, tubs, or activities which lead to excessive sweating. Though quick showers are good, but being in water for too long will not work.

Handle your skin with care:

After you get a tattoo done, it is now time to keep your skin protected. At least for weeks, you need to pamper it. As stated earlier, avoid sun exposure as it might damage your tattoo. Even if it is not sunny outside, make a habit to apply a sunblock or sunscreen when it has partially or fully healed. The sunscreen you choose should be the one with ‘chemical-free’ label. It is safer than any other.

Stay hydrated:

Yes, it is important to hydrate your skin. As you are advised to avoid any chemicals in first few weeks, you cannot go for applying your regular moisturizers. The only way out is to keep your skin hydrated from inside. For this you can alter your diet. Drink lots of water and add fresh juices to your routine. This will help you keep your colors bold and vibrant.

Avoid contact:

Yes, in the beginning keep your tattoo away from contact, as much as possible. In case you have it on areas like wrist, arms, neck, or your feet, where you don’t need to cover much, it is great. However, having it in areas like your tummy or back, wear clothes that will not rub against it. Doing so will help in the healing process significantly!

Tattoo aftercare is highly crucial. The experts believed that not only for maintaining your tattoo, but also for your health you must follow the essential aftercare solutions. Don’t let your perfectly designed tattoo turn into a real nightmare, just for not following the correct aftercare!

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