Tattoo After-Care You Need To Follow!

October 15, 2015   1097

Got First Tattoo!!

Finally you met your desire of getting a tattoo. Well, that’s very good. But, don’t you want it to be safe and beautiful in the long run. Definitely, you want it to be the same as it was the first day. How? For this, you need to put in little efforts. A few after care tips for the new tattooed persons are given below. Read on.

Tattoo After-care Tips

When you plan to get a tattoo, there are so many considerations to be taken care of. From selecting the perfect design to the best tattoo artist, you have to check on a number of things.

Ok! You got it all done and are just waiting for the day to put down your complete deposit and walk in the tattoo studio to have the tattoo of your dreams. But wait, are you prepared enough? If you are wondering what kind of preparation being is talked over here, it is about what you need to do after tattoo. Yes, you read it right, ‘after’ the tattoo.

Tattoo Forever:

Undoubtedly, you want to ensure that your gorgeous artwork stays new forever. Thus, it is important for you to learn some necessary tips to keep you tattoo amazingly new for long. Check out some here:

Listen To The Artist: It is quite obvious that the tattooists are experts in dealing with tattoos. Hence, they will always precisely instruct you for the dos and don’ts. They might help you in buying some products or guide you with different healing techniques. Generally, they are not obliged to touch up your tattoo once you leave the studio. Thus, be careful and make sure you discuss things in detail.

Keep It Clean: The first thing you need to learn is that your tattoo needs to be kept clean. It is similar to an open injury. Even the famous tattooists advise to touch the tattoos with clean hands. In case, you have got the fresh work done, use an unscented and anti-bacterial soap to clean it and let it air dry. You can use a clean paper towel to pat if required.

Be Careful: The new tattoos are highly sensitive, and get slightly inflamed or become red soon. Along this, a number of people experience some kind of irritation in a day or two, after getting a new tattoo. This is normal. But if the symptoms continue to exist for more than 3 or 4 days, you need to call your tattooist and set up a time to see the problem.

Wipe Off The Fluid: In the beginning, the tattoo will weep and the fluid, which comes out might be clear or slightly colored (same as your tattoo). Don’t panic, it is a normal thing and for sure it does not mean that it is the tattoo ink coming out. Wipe it with a clean paper towel and allow it to dry. Here you need to understand that the body knows how to heal itself, all you need to do is- take care.

Moisturize Your Tatts: Often, it is said to keep it dry. But over dryness can lead to a thick scab formation, which is not desirable. In fact, too much drying of the tattoo can lead to slow the recovery and can even harm the tattoo. You can get a cream prescribed or count on a treatment like Dr. Numb. It save your tattoo from being oversaturated and allow it to breathe.

Avoid Soaking: Make sure you protect your tattoo from soaking process, at least for two weeks. You need to be careful while bathing. And it is advisable to avoid swimming sessions and sauna baths. You can go for cleaning your tattoo under the shower. Remember, it will depend on your skin’s healing time for which you need to avoid water contact.

Protect it from sun: Do you know, sun exposure of your tattoo can hamper its quality? Similar to water contact, it is highly required to save it from direct sunlight for at least two weeks. The harmful UV rays can damage your skin and can also fade your tattoo’s color. Even after your tattoo heals, make sure you protect it from sun for long life of your design!

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