Tattoo: Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Inked

November 08, 2016   649

Without a doubt, these days’ tattoos are more common than ever. Tattooing has earned quite a bit more in popularity over the years, as compared to the other form of body art present. The reason is quite simple; it gives people a chance to stand out and broadcast what actually they are. So, whether it is about men or women, both have alike interest for tattoos. In fact, some opt for covering their entire body with tattoo ink.

Tattooed Model

What and which type of tattooing you go for, the choice is entirely up to you. But just like any other form of piercing, there are many pros and cons of tattoos. Let’s learn a little more about the same here;

Pros of getting inked…

When it is about the good things for tattoos, it majorly includes the opportunity to explore who you are. It gives you a chance to adorn what you want to be, i.e. offering a chance to stand out. This can be a major reason most people who get tattoos go for the symbolic meaning.

However, this is not always about symbolic designs. You can always go for tattoos which are strictly for enhanced looks. Tattoos are best known for their show. Still it is advised that the design itself should hold some meaning, else after some time you might have to pass through tattoo regret.

Nowadays there are a variety of designs and colors to choose from. So, this adds more to positive benefits of tattoos. Simply, you can check out for numerous designs on internet or at your local tattoo studio, in books and magazines. There are literally thousands to choose from and you can also add your ideas to the designs for exclusivity.

Cons of tattooing…

It is pretty straight forward that tattoos work by piercing your skin with a needle, which is followed by injection of gobs of ink to give a permanent effect. When the needle is inserted, it causes some pain isn’t it. Well, for this problem there is a simple solution- numbing cream. You can try Dr. Numb formula, a top-grade pharmaceutical product manufactured in Canada. It is 100% effective and yes, safe to use on both men and women. Easily available over-the-counter, it is well-known for easing pain, itch and discomfort linked with tattooing and other dermal procedures.

With that being said, after pain it is the risk of infection which comes along tattoo. In this case, it is the tattoo artist who needs to very careful and has to follow up a proper sanitary rule.

Another disadvantage about tattooing is that many people, later in life, face regret for being inked. What to do with this? For the answer, wait for the next post.


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