How to Take Care of Your Tattoos in Summers?

October 08, 2016   528

Summers are lovely, but not so lovely for your tattoo, whether it’s fresh or years old. Here are the tips to keep your tattoos safe and secure during summers.

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Caring your tattoo during summers is important to maintain its beauty and glow. Even if your tattoo is in a hidden place and covered by clothing, it’s still prone to fading, color spreading, and scarring due to the sneaky UV rays. This is why summer care is important for the longevity of tattoos, especially for the first month. If you have got summer tattoos, here are the tips you must keep in mind to keep your tattoo bright and vivid in summers.

Wear Sunblock:

Sunblock is an efficient protection to save your tattoos from fading. Use the sunblock having SPF 30. Even you must apply sunblock on your tattoo if it is healed during the first months as it is still in healing process and can be affected by outside elements. Make sure to wear sunscreen every 2-3 hours. But you should avoid sunblock or greasy creams when your tattoo is not healed or looks “wounded.” Doing so can clog your pores and affect your healing process. In this scenario, you can cover your tattoo and keep it away from dirt, pollution and scorching sunrays.

 Cover Your Tattoo with Clothing

Pull on a light layer of clothing to avoid the direct sun exposure to your tattoo. You must choose lightweight fabrics as they let your skin breathe, besides acting as the shield for your tattoos. In this way, your tattoo will stay bright and beautiful.

Wait for Some Days Before Flaunting Your Tattoo:

Obviously, you can’t wait more to flaunt your tattoo while strolling on beaches during summer holidays. But it can make your tattoo worse if you don’t wait for at least 14 days, which is the healing period. Ask your tattoo artist for aftercare tips while heading for outdoors. You must let it heal property.

Avoid Swimming:

Steer away from the pools, hot tubs, and rivers after getting your fresh tattoo. This is because the prolong soaking and chemical filled water not only affect the pigmentation, but also affect the healing process of your tattoo. Even you must be careful for some day while bathing—take light showers and try to avoid the water run directly over the tattoo.

Apart from these things, you must follow the aftercare tips given by your tattoo artist.

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