How to Take Care of Your Piercing If You Are an Athlete?

October 19, 2016   312

Here is the aftercare piercing tips for athlete.

Being a sportsperson, you know how challenging it becomes to take care of your piercing. You can’t remove the piercing jewelry too early before match, as it can increase the risk of infection and irritation. Similarly, you are conscious lest anybody bump into your pierced area while playing contact sports like rugby or wrestling. But with several instructions, you can take care of your piercing on the filed too.

Pierced Athlete

Follow the Aftercare Instructions:

After getting your body pierced, your piercer will tell you about aftercare instructions. They explain you how long you want to keep the original piece of jewelry in and how long your skin will be healed. Tell your artist that if you can remove your jewelry for short period as you need to keep jewelry in place for at least six months after piercing. However, your oral piercing requires you to wear jewelry for six weeks.

How to Remove Jewelry before Sporting Event?

You can remove the jewelry if your sporting event is not a day long and lasts for only few hours. In this way, you can save jewelry from snuggling with clothing or sporting equipment, besides protecting it from stretches and rapid body movements.

If you have to play matches every day, you must use jewelry retainers. You can place jewelry retainers in your piercing place so that the hole doesn’t close up due to the healing process of the body. Make sure the jewelry retainers is the same size as your original jewelry.

Taping is Not a Good Idea!

There are many athletes out there who use taping to cover the jewelry during their matches. It can minimize some risk of your jewelry catching with clothing, but is not the good idea. Taping jewelry can affect your mobility while the adhesive can worse your piercing wound.

So, you must choose bandages (ask your piercer about that) to cover your piercing, rather than using taping.

Hygiene and Cleanliness is Important:

Sweating and body cladding with the mud and dirt is the part and parcel while you are on the field. Plus, you receive bacteria from others while sharing equipment or coming into contact with other players. So, you must clean your jewelry and piercing area regularly with saline water. Wash your hand before touching your jewelry.

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