How to Take Care of a New Lip Piercing Job?

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Your brand new lip piercing might appear great, but this can pose a threat if not taken care of. Any sort of scrape, cut, or puncture, linked with your lip piercing needs your greater attention. Here is all you need to learn about the aftercare process in detail.

Lip Piercing

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Are you looking forward to an appointment with a piercing expert? You might be greatly excited to have a lip piercing. But are you really know to this form of body art? Yes, many people who have just got pierced easily become prone to some potential risks.

Definitely, the initial step requires selecting a professional, clean, and experienced piercing team. There should be a quality atmosphere. If all the elements are fine in the parlour, you can rely on them for optimal safety measures. But that is not all! There are still a number of risks associated with piercings, especially in the healing period.

What are the lip piercing dangers?

Well, these can range from simple bacterial irritation to serious infections. And yes, it requires your immediate attention. This will include everything ranging from removal of jewelry to the use of antibiotics. In any case, you suspect developing a serious piercing complication you must consult with your piercer or a doctor.

Thankfully, lip piercing aftercare is relatively simple. It is not necessary for you to stick to any stinging soap baths or any other complex procedures. Let’s learn what all you need to be careful about;

The must-do things during the healing time…

Diet: After piercing you need to little particular about your health. It is important to modify your diet. You can add soft and preferably cool stuff, such as yogurt, pudding and ice creams. It is advised to keep solid foods at bay as these when get trapped in the piercing can cause problem.

No Smoking and Alcohol: Do you know the smoke from cigarettes can severely irritate the lip ring? And similarly, alcohol can dry out the piercing, causing infection. Thus, make sure you avoid it for a month at least.

Limit your Water Contact: Don’t come into contact with water too often. Hence, avoid long showers and swimming as far as possible. Actually, it is the chlorinated water which dries out and causes irritation at the place of the lip piercing. Also, it makes healing a bit difficult.

Cleanliness: Want faster healing? You need to be little more careful after piercing. Just dip a toothbrush in saline solution and apply it near the lip ring. This will completely sanitize it. Remember, you have to brush your lip ring two to three times a day.

An Anti-Bacterial Wash: Don’t forget to keep the area safe from infection. You will need an antibacterial wash for this and you can count Listerine. Being a powerful antibacterial, it helps eliminating most of the germs in the mouth. In case, you feel that it is difficult to handle antibacterial washes, throat lozenges can be used. It comes with antibacterial properties and is less harsh substitutes.

Keep it Dry: There are numerous benefits of keeping it dry. So, it is your responsibility to clean it with a tissue, and then gently pat it to make the area completely dry. Similarly, it is necessary to immediately dry the area whenever it comes in contact with food, liquids, or any substance.

Remember, when the lip piercing is treated wisely and consistently, you can have a fabulous job done for the rest of your life. It simply offers you a whole new look. So, take care and get gorgeous.

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