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10 Things to take care of Post Waxing

Get-that-perfect-Bikini-Body-with Even after the great pain that is experienced during the wax, most of us still go for getting out every hair of our body. You cry or you get it done in a happy way, you know you can’t really stay away from it because of the amazing feeling you encounter after getting it done.

There are many ways to get those hair off your skin from waxing to shaving it off. But all of them have some do’s and don’ts after the wax is done. This is to make sure you don’t wither away your skin or get prone to infections. So, for a long lasting experience you need to take some precautions.

Waxing is one of the most fascinating beauty experiences on the planet especially for females. And not just for pampering their beauty but also for a better personal hygiene it is must to get those hair pulled out of their bodies.

No matter after all the embarrassment and the ouches, you feel no less than a princess. But your skin becomes more delicate and sensitive and the reddishness also takes some time to go. So, there are some points you need to seriously follow after your bikini wax session is over.

1. Stay away from the gym for a while
You should not work out immediately after your wax session as the skin is too sensitive and sweat can worsen the condition.

After wax the hair follicles are open and chances of infections and itchiness increase if sweat enters them. So, just wait for the skin to settle before you get back to your fitness formula.

2. Avoid touching the area immediately after wax
Since your bikini area is more vulnerable to infections after the wax session, so avoid touching or rubbing that area. Hair follicles get opened after the wax and your fingernails can worsen the condition.

3. Wear loose clothing
You should stay away from tight jeans and hard fabrics for few days. Prefer wearing loose cotton clothing that will not cause any irritation to your bikini

4. Use soft soaps
To let the reddishness go you should not use hard soaps while bathing. Rather you can use some gentle lotions and soaps and also apply natural gels such as aloe Vera to heal faster.

5. Avoid using razor
While you might be tempted to do this but wait for your next appointment. Using a razor can make it difficult to pull out the hair as the hair becomes thicker.

Also let your hair grow at least half an inch, this will make your next wax session less painful.

6. Make sure you moisturize
It’s good to exfoliate your skin as it helps to keep it soft and smooth. The skin can turn dry and may develop dead cells.

So, it’s good to moisturize it as it removes the dead cells and also help for an easy removal of hair in next appointment.

7. Avoid hot water baths
Hot water can cause skin inflammation leading to irritation and discomfort.

So, avoid steam baths and take normal water baths so that your hair follicles close and do not irritate you.

8. Be regular with your wax sessions
After you are done with the bikini wax, you can ask your aesthetician to schedule the next appointment for you accordingly.

This will help to facilitate proper hair growth and also keep you away from the bad habit of shaving.

9. Avoid sun baths
Do not immediately go to a beach and lie down to relax yourself. Using sunscreen can help but avoid excessive exposure to sun immediately after the bikini wax.

10. Use ice packs
This is the best way to subside pain and reddishness from the waxed area. Post waxing use of ice cubes can help you to get rid of discomfort quickly.