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Does Dr.Numb Trigger Allergies

Why Dr.Numb® Cream Does Not Trigger Allergies?

Dr. Numb is a popular topical anesthetic cream which mainly contains Lidocaine and Prilocaine in a highly pure form and in a quantity that has been specified as the highest amount by Food and Drug Administration.
Dr. Numb is a water-based numbing cream which neither affects the ink nor the skins elasticity. This itself says that Dr Numb’s cream do not cause any allergies or side-effects and is totally safe to use.

Does Dr.Numb Trigger Allergies

Body Piercing, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Waxing, Permanent Cosmetics have gained popularity over the last few years. But the excruciating pain holds many people back from opting for such procedure.

But there is always a road ahead only if you look at it. What if we can cut off the pain? Is this really possible?
Yes, it is. With the help of anesthesia we can make the skin numb and insensitive and can enjoy ouch less skin retreat. Dr. Numb has been voted as the #1 numbing creams by many tattoo artists and beauty aestheticians as well as doctors because of its effectiveness to numb the pain.

Painless experience for Dermatological procedures

Permanent cosmetics include- eyeliner, lipstick tattooing which involve tattooing the pigment with needles into the dermal layer skin through needles. Sometimes other terms used for permanent make up are -semi-permanent makeup, lineology and dermatology which mean all the same. They all involve application of pigment into the skin which is called as tattooing. But the truth is that all these procedures involve a lot of pain and discomfort. So, whether you are planning to get a permanent lipstick tattoo or a bikini wax, Dr Numb cream can work best for both type of procedure. Dr numb cream doesn’t mess with the tattoo ink and even doesn’t affect the aftercare process of tattoo.

What is Dr. Numb?

Dr Numb is a numbing cream with 5% Lidocaine which is a powerful and safe anesthetic for laser procedures.
The reason of safety of Dr. Numb is the purity and the appropriate quantity of lidocaine in the cream.

How does Dr Numb’s cream lessen the pain?

  • Pain occurs whenever an external stimulus triggers the body. This stimulates the pain receptors which causes sodium to enter the nerves. This builds up an electrical signal inside the nerve which reaches the brain. The brain interprets this signal as pain.
  • Dr. Numb temporarily blocks the pathway of pain signals and doesn’t let them reach the brain. Dr. Numb anesthetic cream does not let the sodium enter the nerve ending which stops the electrical signal formation. Therefore, the person doesn’t experience any pain when the needles are inserted into the skin.
  • Dr Numb cream has long lasting impact which lasts up to 3 hours.
  • This is effective for lessening the pain during waxing, body piercing, tattooing, permanent eye liner and all other painful beauty treatments.
  • It doesn’t interfere with permanent ink and is effective on all skin types.

How to use Numbing Cream?

1. Wash the skin where the procedure has to be done. Then dry it completely.
2. Then take a thick layer of Dr Numb cream and apply it over that area.
3. Massage it gently so that it is properly applied.
4. Keep the area covered with a saran wrap till your aesthetician advices you to.

For better results, it is recommended to apply the numbing cream, at least 1hour before the procedure. This can allow the cream to give you more effective results.
You can also check with your professional on instructions for applying the numbing cream. And also talk clearly about if you have any skin allergies or diseases.

Numbing Cream For New Tattoo

How to Use Numbing Cream for New Tattoo?

Tattooing is getting popular day by day. Young and old, both seem to be crazy over this body art. Whether a small or a big, a tattoo design causes reasonable pain. But, there are some cool options to keep it painless. Numbing cream is one of them. Explore more!

Numbing Cream For New Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo? Or may be its second or third, the fact which remains common is that it is a painful process. The amount of pain caused varies from one person to another. While there are some people who have a lower pain threshold, and for them tattooing can be more challenging. A needle enters you skin and this causes pain. And there is no escape to this. But wait; there is no escape from the needling process. However, you can easily get over the pain section from this process. What about using a numbing cream!

Will Numbing Cream Work For Making Tattoo Pain Free?

Yes, they do work. But, the level of satisfaction will depend on the product you choose. For example, if you go for some topical anesthetic numbing solution, like Dr. Numb, it will definitely reduce the immediate feeling of pain. Basically, such products produce numbness and they are safe. You can buy them easily as these are easily available over the counter, i.e. no doctor prescription is needed.

How To Use Numbing Cream Works?

While these solution works by producing numbing reaction on your skin, it is of great importance to use the product correctly. Only a right method can lead to appropriate effects. Learn it here:

  1. You can start with cleaning the skin surface you are going to have a tattoo. Using soap and water is perfect. Pat it with dry towel.
  2. Now with gloves in your hands, squeeze a good portion of cream in your hands and gently rub the cream over the area that’s to be worked on. A generous layer, approximately 1mm thick all over the required surface area is enough.
  3. You can now cover it with a cheesecloth-like material for around 45 minutes before you begin with your tattoo process.
  4. Before the tattoo artist starts his work, wipe off the excess of numbing cream with a damp cloth.
  5. The cream has already worked on your skin and now you can go tattooing.

How Numbing Cream Works On Your Skin?

Usually, these numbing solution works by blocking the pain signal, which is sent by the nerve endings on the skin. Hence, when you apply numbing cream to the affected area, it creates a feeling of numbness.
Once your numbing cream starts working, i.e. it becomes active on your skin; the tattoo artist can start with tattooing. An effective solution like Dr. Numb makes your skin numb for minimum three to four hours.
Being one of the most popular and reliable topical anesthetic cream, it is highly targeted towards tattoo parlors. There is no doubt, that it is one of the most effective, medically tested, and reasonably priced solutions.

The numbing effect will strictly depend on the type of cream you choose. Hence, it is advised to choose your numbing partner wisely. You can count on Dr. Numb for sure. Not only it works for tattoo procedures, but also it is effective or various dermal applications like body piercing, laser tattoo removal, needle injections, laser hair removal, body waxing, and several others.

Dr. Numb- Numbing Cream

Who Should Not Use Dr. Numb?

If, it is to be explained in simple words, the answer would be simply EVERYONE CAN!!! Yes, this is the specialty of Dr. Numb.

Dr. Numb- Numbing Cream

Need of Numbing Creams

Before heading further, it is important to understand this need. The trendy world today demands various procedures for beauty enhancements, health-care, body styling, etc. that requires an individual to undergo painful procedures. Even, people with a lower pain threshold cannot even afford to bear the pain of a simple syringe. To reduce this pain, numbing creams are a must today.
Numbing creams play an important role in preparing your skin to undergo painful procedures as it reduces the pain to a greater extent. Whether it’s having biking wax, tattooing or body piercing, the pain is too much to be tolerated. Also, in cases like post-delivery, the pain is intolerable and usage of the numbing cream is not something you can do without.

Dr. Numb

Dr. Numb is one such very effective skin numbing formula, which is a local or topical anesthetic. It can be applied to the skin to reduce the immediate feeling of pain and produce numbness.
Since its commencement in the year 1988, Dr. Numb is available over the counter that means no doctor prescription is required to buy it or use it.
Dr. Numb is used for a variety of dermal applications such as needle injections, laser, tattooing, microdermabrasions, body piercing, body waxing, and other dermatological procedures.

How Does Dr. Numb Work?

Dr. Numb works by obstructing the pain signals, which are sent by the nerve endings on the skin. When it is applied to the affected area, a sense of numbness follows after 20-30 seconds. It leaves a numbing effect after the application for about 4-5 hours so that you can undergo even time consuming painful procedures.

Dr. Numb is very effective in numbing the skin for preparation in any type of procedure. It is easy to apply and releases the numbing effect for at least three hours.
Dr. Numb is a certified product by Health Canada – a Federal Department in Canada. It is also an official trademark product in the United States Patent & Trademark Office. The product is 100% safe and with is quality being assured.

Dr. Numb Cream for all

Dr. Numb cream is widely accepted and used for making the skin numb towards the pain experienced during various skin treatments. This is because it contains the right amount of chemicals (lidocaine 5%) which can work on all skin types and for all ages without experiencing any pain. Lidocaine is used in this cream which acts as an anesthetic and numbs the portion it is applied to. This quantity of lidocaine doesn’t cause any allergies to any skin type or any sort of infections in the blood.

Dr. Numb cream works miraculously well for all. Be it oily skin, dry or highly sensitive skin, whether you are aged or young, a male or a female or an infant… Dr. Numb cream is found to work wonders for all.
The only thing to consider is that only the required amount of the dr. numb cream should be applied as per the proper instructions. This is specially to be considered by lactating or pregnant women or people with allergies or sensitive skin to avoid any side-effects.

Numbing Cream To Reduce Tattoo Removal Pain

How to Use Numbing Cream to Reduce the Tattoo Removal Pain?

Tattoo removal is the synonym to pain. The intensity of the pain due to tattoo removal depends highly on the pain-bearing capacity of the individual and the size and the location of the tattoo.
But since we cannot let the pain become an obstruction in tattoo removal therefore in this article we are have discussed the use of numbing cream for a painless tattoo removal experience.

Numbing Cream To Reduce Tattoo Removal Pain

Alcohol or drugs cannot do away with the pain neither at the time of tattooing nor during the removal process. There are multiple safe methods for pain management that can even help in faster healing.

  • Intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin for reducing pain due to tattoo removal can be hazardous to health as it can increase the bruising due to the procedure.
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is safer than steroidal drugs as it causes less bruising and also reduces the inflammation.
  • Mostly, ice is used as a primary way to control the pain due to tattoo removal.
  • Since the pain from laser tattoo removal hot and stinging, therefore using a numbing cream few minutes prior to tattoo removal can give a painless tattoo removal experience. You just need to apply the numbing cream 30 minutes before the session and keep it covered with a saran wrap till numbing is not felt.
  • Some clinics also make use of anesthetic injections for giving painless tattoo removal.
  • Laser tattoo removal can even result into bruising or give sensations of sunburn therefore avoid scrubbing and treat the area gently to reduce scarring and inflammation. You can even use the numbing cream to heal the area but make sure you consult your physician before using it

Dr Numb Cream For Reducing The Pain Due To Tattoo Removal

Dr Numb cream is the #1 Numbing Cream with 5% lidocaine which is the highest amount approved by FDA. It is a topical anesthetic cream which contains the purest form of Lidocaine and has been approved by FDA for dermatological use. Dr Numb cream is available as an OTC cream and can be used even without the recommendation of the doctor except in few conditions such as skin allergy. Dr Numb cream suits for all skin types and doesn’t cause any side-effects.

  • Dr Numb cream is safe for use for the following purposes.
  • Tattooing
  • Laser hair removal
  • Waxing
  • Piercing
  • Tattoo removal

Doctor Numb cream can even be used on unbroken skin because it doesn’t affect the skin’s elasticity and that’s why it is perfect to be used during tattoos, waxing and laser procedures.

The procedure to use a numbing cream is simple. You just have to apply a generous amount of cream 1 hour prior to the procedure. After applying the cream you should rub it gently and cover it with saran wrap till your aesthetician doesn’t advice you to remove it.

Dr Numb cream doesn’t let the pain signals to reach the brain by making the skin insensitive to any sort of pain and that’s why no pain is felt during the tattoo removal process. The numbing effect can be felt for about three hours which is good enough for a painless procedure.

Dr Numb doesn’t interfere with the tattoo ink during the tattooing process and even doesn’t interfere with the quality of the tattoo thereafter. Dr Numb is even effective for cutting off pain and discomfort during the electrolysis. It is even used to relieve shoulder pain, back pain or pain in any body part.

Dr Numb cream is successful for cutting pain during laser hair removal, wart-removal, mole removal and many other surgical procedures. It is being used by many tattoo artists, doctor and aestheticians worldwide for providing a painless treatment to their patients.

Reduce Tattoo Pain- Dr. Numb

How To Reduce Tattoo Pain?

The truth with tattoo making is that it is real painful and it takes a great deal to get one on your skin. But another good thing is that there are ways you can deal with the tattoo pain.
The following article deals with ways to lessen the intensity of before and after tattoo pain.

Reduce Tattoo Pain- Dr. Numb

In tattooing needles are pierced into the skin and this will cause pain anyhow. This is but natural. Although the level of pain also depends on your body’s sensitivity but pain during the tattooing process is inevitable.
Read further to find how you can deal with the tattoo pain.

Pre-Tattoo Pain Relief

If it’s your first time then it’s natural that you would be nervous about the pain but don’t worry it’s not going to be as worse as you think it to be. Moreover, the level of the pain is directly linked with the body part you are getting tattooed.

What to Avoid?

Alcohol While most people have the notion that alcohol or drugs will help them cut off the excess pain, on the other hand, alcohol consumption before the tattoo making process makes it unsafe for you. Drugs or alcohol can make the blood thin which cannot help the blood to clot while bleeding.
• Aspirin or ibuprofen Don’t take any OTC drug thinking it will lessen the pain. Such medicines can only make the tattoo bleed in excess.
What is recommended?
• Tylonel or acetaminophen These over-the-counter pain killers are comparatively safe and also reduce the pain.
• Dr Numb’s cream – You can apply this numbing cream half an hour before the procedure. This will numb the area and give you a pain free tattoo making procedure.

During The Tattoo

Initially when the needle is inserted into your skin, it is definitely going to pain, but the pain will lessen naturally after few minutes. The reason is that your body releases endorphins naturally when some external stimulus is triggered which reduces the pain.
Sometimes the vibration from the tattoo machine even lessens the pain. But if you feel excess of pain, you can take short breaks in between to make the procedure easy for you.
Bactine and lidocaine based sprays or numbing creams can also help to reduce the pain during the tattoo making. You can check with the artist if he has such products to have a painless tattoo making experience.

Post Tattoo Pain Relief

People have varying notions about pain in the tattoo making. Some feel the pain is worst during the procedure while others think the healing process is the toughest part.
Unhygienic and improper procedure can even result in infection which is again painful.

Following are some things which can help you in relieving pain post procedure.
• Ice– You can apply the ice pack wrapped in a cloth to the affected area. This can relieve you off the excessive pain.
• Numbing Cream- If you experience unbearable pain after the tattoo making, and then you can apply the numbing cream for temporary pain relief. Dr Numb is a popular numbing cream which is widely used for cutting pain in many dermatological procedures. Dr Numb’s cream is a safe and effective numbing cream which contains just 5% Lidocaine which has been declared safe by FDA. It is a safe OTC drug which is used by doctors, aestheticians and artists for giving a painless experience to their customers.

The tattoo making, permanent cosmetics have become popular over the past few years but most people still want painless ways to for these procedures.

Dr.Numb® Cream for Laser Procedures

Is Using Dr.Numb® Cream Recommended for Laser Procedures?

If pain is the reason which stops you from undergoing laser treatment, then you are reading the right article. Although the level of pain depends mostly on the person’s threshold level to withstand it but still using a good numbing cream can probably reduce the intensity of the pain.
In case a person has highly sensitive skin and feel a lot of pain, then Dr. Numb topical anesthetic cream can lessen the pain to a great extent and help you in getting a painless laser treatment.

Dr.Numb® Cream for Laser Procedures

Following are some of the most common laser procedures which involve a lot of pain. Check out how you can enjoy a painless laser treatment.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a procedure that involves lot of pain and discomfort and it’s not easy for everyone to bear it.
Dr. Numb laser numbing cream can alleviate the excess pain by making the skin insensitive towards the pain. It is even recommended by many doctors for use in dermatological purposes.

Laser Tattoo Removal

A numbing cream is an important part of the laser tattoo removal process. It is recommended to apply the numbing cream 30 minutes prior to the treatment and cover it with a saran wrap.
Dr. Numb cream is used by many tattoo artists and aestheticians for giving their customers a painless skin procedure. Moreover, Dr Numb’s cream is a safe and effective numbing cream which works best for all skin types.

Laser scar removal

If your skin has brownish patches then they can be removed with the help of laser. These brown patches are called as scars and can be an outcome of some injury or untreated wound.
Undoubtedly, they can be treated with laser but the procedure is painful, therefore a numbing cream is must to use before the treatment.
Dr. Numb can lessen the intense pain and discomfort during the laser scar removal procedure. The best thing about Dr Numb’s cream is that it never interferes with the procedure rather makes the treatment more effective.

How does Dr. Numb work?

The anesthetic in Dr. Numb’s cream is lidocaine which has long been is use as an anesthetic in medical and dental offices. Lidocaine is present in 5% amount in Dr. Numb which has been declared as safe by FDA.
Pain is caused when the pain receptors are stimulated by external stimuli. After the stimulation sodium enters the nerve endings and builds up an electrical signal in the nerve. When the electrical signal is carried over to the brain along the nerve, the brain interprets this signal as pain.
Here comes the role of Dr. Numb which blocks the pathway of pain signals along the nerves and doesn’t let the person experience any pain. Dr. Numb cream does not let the sodium to enter the nerve ending which automatically stops development of an electrical signal.

Is Dr Numb effective?

The numbing effect lasts up to 3 hours.
It is effective on many dermatological procedures- waxing, laser treatments, laser treatments,     permanent makeup etc…
It is the safest numbing cream which doesn’t mess with any kind of permanent ink and also doesn’t affect the quality of the procedure.

Instructions for applying Dr Numb’s cream:

1.  First wash the part of the skin with soap and water where the procedure has to be done and       dry it fully.
2.  Then take a thick layer of numbing cream and apply it to the skin while rubbing it gently.
3.  After the cream has been rubbed, then apply another thin layer of cream over the skin.
4.  Next is to keep the skin covered with a saran wrap as this will activate the cream.
5.  Keep it covered till your aesthetician doesn’t ask you to remove it.

Lipstick Tattooing- Dr. Numb

Lipstick Tattooing- Tips r Before and after the procedure

Permanent makeup is the latest buzz word in the cosmetic industry. More and more people are opting for it because it saves a lot of time that is spent in putting over the traditional make-up stuff daily.

Lipstick Tattooing- Dr. Numb

Why Permanent Lip Tattooing

The best thing about Permanent cosmetics is they never smear and are best for people who are allergic to traditional cosmetics. Below are some of the basic tips and instructions for the lipstick tattoo with aftercare and pre-procedure instructions.

In Permanent makeup pigments are implanted in the outer skin layer which is done with variety of tattoo methods. They are considered as permanent as the color doesn’t get washed off easily but of course they get faded over time.

Now a days, permanent lip, eye, and eyebrow makeup have become really popular as they are the best ways to save time and to redefine facial features and camouflage scars.

Permanent Lip Makeup

If you are the one who loves to color your lips every morning but don’t find enough time to apply it then permanent lip makeup or lipstick tattooing is the best thing for you.

Permanent lip makeup or lipstick tattoo can add richness, provide balance to your uneven lips and also hide the wrinkles around the lips.

Pre-procedure instructions

So, finally if you taken the appointment for lipstick tattooing there are few instructions you need to follow for a safe procedure.

  • The first thing you need to do is to talk to your tattoo artist clearly about the infections or allergies, if you have any. If you need an antiviral medicine then Physicians usually recommend to start it 3 days for a 7-10 days procedure.
  • In case you had undergone any lip surgery before, then consult the physician about the safety of permanent makeup procedure for your lips. Sometimes, the physician may advise you to stop for few days or months depending on the lip surgery you had undergone.
  • Oral prosthesis dentures/ partials/ braces and tongue piercing bars always make you vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infections from the mouth to the lips, especially for the people who wear dentures. Therefore, it’s must to ensure proper hygiene is maintained during the procedure.

Post-Procedure Instructions

  • Since your Lips will ooze for few days after the procedure. Therefore, you will have to apply the ointment for a couple of days.
  • You may feel your lips are dehydrated as the crust may dry on the lips. Therefore, rinse it with water and apply some ointment for a couple of days.
  • Immediately after the treatment do not make use of your lips for eating or drinking. You can drink through a straw and eat stuff that can be directly put into the mouth.
  • You can also place an old cloth or towel on the pillow while sleeping to avoid ruining the pillows.
  • Avoid stretching your lips till they are not completely healed.
  • Smoking is not at all a good idea immediately after the lipstick tattoo procedure.
  • Probably on the third day lips stop to ooze and start to peel. You can massage the lips then after applying a thick layer of ointment.
  • Avoid applying toothpaste over the lips till they are not healed.
  • Avoid bleaching your teeth till they are not healed.
  • If you encounter pain, allergy or any infection even after 3rd or 4th day of treatment then you should consult your tattoo artist or doctor for the next step.
  • It generally takes few weeks to months for proper healing. So, you need to be patient and keep following your aesthetician’s instructions for good results.
Dr.Numb-Facts About Tattoo

5 Interesting Facts about Tattooing Probably you Didn’t Know!

Tattoos – evergreen, ever-rocking and ever-stylish! We get allured by the chic and amazing art done on the body… in various designs, and colors. But, here we have something that will make you amaze more about tattoos.

Dr.Numb-Facts About Tattoo

Tattoos were, fifty years ago, the watermark of rebels and social pariahs like bikers, carnival freaks, etc. However, today on an average, every girl has probably a unicorn on her ankle or a butterfly above her butt crack.

Since the Stone Age, Tattoos have been a part of humans and were a part of nearly every culture across the sphere, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to Africans, Native Americans, and Polynesians.

Here are a few facts about tattoos that you might have an idea about. Continue to read and get amazed!

  1. Say No to Tattoo or Pregnancy

Yes. Either you chose to give birth to your baby or you follow your passion of getting tattoo. Some anesthesiologists have showed their concern that giving epidurals to pregnant women with tattoos are likely to suffer from the potential complications of ink fragments entering the spinal cord. Although, if the tattoo is more than a few months old, the risk would seem very minor, however the possibility still remains. It has been reported that the iron oxide in tattoo ink sometimes reacts during MRIs and may cause burns.

  1. Sponsored Tattoos

Sponsored Tattoo

Do you know that the tattoos were also used as a technique of promotions!!!  People who were willing to do anything to earn bucks, and the advertisers desperate to reach an audience, tattoos proved a way for branding and money-making.

New York’s real estate company, Rapid Realty offered their employees that many couldn’t refuse – “get a company logo tattooed on your body, and make 15 percent pay raise”. Dozens of its employees accepted the offer.  “Billy the Human Billboard,” an amateur Alaskan boxer, pays his bills with corporate tattoos, who has more than two dozen tattoos, including some on his face. Some of his work includes the logos of Liberty Tax Service, several porn sites, Host Gator, etc.

  1. Henna Tattoos

heena tattoo

If you don’t have an adequate pain threshold, or if you cannot commit to have permanent tattooing, Henna Tattoo is pretty much your alternate.

You often might have encountered small thick or thin booths in supermarkets, carnivals, etc. that allure even small children a lot. Those are the Henna Tattoos shops.

Henna dye is derived from a plant, and has been used for thousands of years, for both coloring the hair and to draw intricate designs on the body. Henna Tattoos are prevalent today everywhere but are of the most importance in Asian countries like India. Natural henna goes on with a light orange color, darkens to a rust red over a few days and gently fades away with time. However, the commonly used “black henna,” contains synthetic ingredients, such as p-phenylenediamine (PPD).

  1. Mummy

Mummy with Tattoo

In 1991, a mummy was discovered frozen in glacial ice in the Ötztal Alps, on the border between Italy and Austria. On examination, the body was found to be 3255 B.C ancient. The body was given the name Ötzi after the place of his discovery.

The studies revealed that Ötzi died around 700 years before the commencement of the construction on the Great Pyramid of Giza. After analyzing the mummy, it was unveiled that he’d been the victim of violence that was indicated by the arrowhead lodged in his shoulders, with his upper body and head slashed and bruised. However, the most interesting part of Ötzi’s heritage was about the series of tattoos he had on his body. Tons of marks and lines that were imprinted over areas (normally associated with acupressure), like the joints and the spine, lead the researchers to believe that they were not mere performed in the name of ornamentation, but were a primitive form of medicine.

  1. Tattoos too get older!

Yes, it seems amazing but true! With age, your skin constantly refills itself. The repetition of this cycle slows dawn over age, which results in an aged appearance of your tattoos.

For instance, if you have got a tattoo of the peace symbol with some words imprinted on it, in your early 20’s, eventually in your early 60’s, the image may blur or the words may become difficult to read.

If you know something interesting about Tattoos, feel free to share with us!!!


Can Dr.Numb® Cream Irritate the Eyes When Having an Eyeliner Tattoo?

When you have already made up your mind for getting the permanent eyeliner on your eyes, you also need to gear up your mind for healing time involved and also the efforts which are involved with it.


The following article deals with few basic but mandatory instructions to be followed for a smooth procedure and faster healing.

Following are some of the things you need to put in place before you go for the eyeliner tattoo.

Pre-Procedure instructions

  • Since it is going to take some time for healing, so you should plan in advance all the house activities. You will need to postpone your social meets and tell everybody at your place that you will not be involved with any household chores for next few days.
  • You will have to shop through few items such as ointments, straws, napkins for blotting, Q-tips, OTC pain reliever, prescriptions.
  • Next thing, don’t plan vacations or outing just few days after the procedure as it will take some time for eyeliner tattoo to heal. Also you need to avoid any exposure to sun and therefore, just cut off yourself from any outsider activities for the next few days after the procedure.
  • If you have any doubts or questions related to the procedure then don’t hesitate to consult the permanent makeup artist.
  • While you are going for the procedure prefer wearing rough or casual clothing instead of formal clothes. And wear some comfortable clothing as it requires long hours for the procedure to take place.
  • Although Permanent eyebrow procedures are not done with the sedation as the area can be numbed easily. But you can always keep a dose of painkillers along with you to in case you experience a lot of pain. But you should never take up a medicine without consulting your artist and doctor.

Use of numbing cream for relieving pain

Although many tattoo artists and make-up artist, use numbing creams to give a painless treatment to their patients but still you can also buy it from over the counter and apply it on your own.

 Dr Numb’s cream is a topical anesthetic cream which is used by many tattoo artists, aestheticians and even doctors for numbing the portion of the skin to be treated. It consists of 5% Lidocaine which is totally safe to be used as a numbing agent and doesn’t pose any danger to health.

Moreover, Dr numb’ s cream can be used both before and after the procedure. It is simple to use it. You just need to apply the cream one hour before the getting the eyeliner tattoo and then cover it with a saran wrap. This will successfully numb the eyeliner portion and the numbing affect will last for about three hours. This is good enough for a pain free eyeliner tattoo. Dr numb’s numbing cream is of superior quality and doesn’t cause any harm to the eyes and never interferes even with permanent eyeliner ink.

Some general tips to follow for a safe eyeliner tattoo procedure.
* Contact lens should not be worn 24 hours before or after the procedure.
* Sunglasses should be worn for few days after the procedure as the eyes may become light sensitive.
* Avoid dying the lashes for 2 days before the procedure.
* Never use eyelash curler on the day of the procedure.
* In case you have any eye allergy then you should contact your physician for finding safe ways to get it done.

*Also, if you are suffering or have undergone any eye surgery like Lasik or cataract then do not go for permanent eyeliner procedure without consulting the physician.

Best Numbing Cream for Tattoos

How to Choose the Best Numbing Cream for Tattoos?

If you’re planning to get a tattoo, chances are you may need to purchase a tattoo numbing cream. The obvious reason is that you’re going to get a lot of pain while and after getting the tattoo on your body part. Or, if you’re a tattoo artist and looking for a numbing cream to recommend it to your customers, you’ll want to look for a product with effective concentrations of topical anesthetics, such as lidocaine.

How to Choose the Best Numbing Cream for Tattoos?

A quality numbing cream will be efficient enough to numb the skin and protect against tattoo pain quickly and give longer hours of relief. Here are a few tips for you to choose the right numbing cream for tattoos. Have a look to learn more.

  1. Choose Right Consisting Right Ingredients

A numbing cream needs to be very effective and quick enough to response. This is possible only with the right ingredients. Experts believe that lidocaine – a tropical and effective anesthetic, makes a numbing cream the best. FDA considers 5% lidocaine as the required amount. Dr. Numb is one such effective numbing cream that contains 5% lidocaine approved by FDA.

  1. Choose a Non-Greasy Product

When it comes to choosing numbing cream for tattoo, it is important that a numbing cream doesn’t affect the ink of the tattoo. Often, it happens that while using a numbing cream over tattoo, the tattoo gets distorted. So, choose a numbing cream that is non-greasy and promise not to cause any damage to the tattoo.

  1. Choose the Cream With No Side-Effects

Medications and topical solutions for various disease, whether skin or other ailments, have some or the other side-effects. However, the intensity may vary depending upon their composition. The same applies when it comes to choosing the right numbing cream. A numbing cream that causes no side-effects, such as possible allergic reactions, inflammations or rashes, or skin irritation is the ideal numbing solution for tattoos.

  1. Choose The Cream That Comes Under Your Budget

With the increase in various skin styling procedures all around the world, the number of numbing products have also greatly increased. Not all the products are same, whether in terms of ingredients, their effectiveness, availability and price range.

Choosing a numbing cream that comes at a reasonable price can be termed as the wise and is the right numbing cream for tattoo. Also, it should be easily available… no matter wherever you go. Search for the product with lowest price and easy availability.

  1. Choose The One Recommended by Your PROFESSIONAL

When it comes to buying medications to treat any ailment, professional advices and recommendations play a major role. This is because a professional understands the ailment – cause, symptom and cure, better than anybody else. Similarly, when choosing the right numbing cream, it’d be wise enough to take advice from your dermatologist or a clinician for specific situations. They’d surely recommend you the best prescriptions. Also, they advise you about your skin sensitivity, allergies, etc.

  1. Choose The One With The Best CUSTOMER reviews

If an expert advice fails to satisfy you, Buyer reviews are yet another good option to help you in making the best choice. You can ask those people who have already used some numbing creams for various skin procedures. Go for customer reviews on various mediums like neighborhood, Google, social media, etc. Research well on for the popular products and their effectiveness on their website. Go through them well before buying one for you.

Be wise and smart enough to choose the right numbing creams for tattoo as neither you can compromise your health, your money and your beauty.