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Numbing Cream For New Tattoo

How to Use Numbing Cream for New Tattoo?

Tattooing is getting popular day by day. Young and old, both seem to be crazy over this body art. Whether a small or a big, a tattoo design causes reasonable pain. But, there are some cool options to keep it painless. Numbing cream is one of them. Explore more!

Numbing Cream For New Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo? Or may be its second or third, the fact which remains common is that it is a painful process. The amount of pain caused varies from one person to another. While there are some people who have a lower pain threshold, and for them tattooing can be more challenging. A needle enters you skin and this causes pain. And there is no escape to this. But wait; there is no escape from the needling process. However, you can easily get over the pain section from this process. What about using a numbing cream!

Will Numbing Cream Work For Making Tattoo Pain Free?

Yes, they do work. But, the level of satisfaction will depend on the product you choose. For example, if you go for some topical anesthetic numbing solution, like Dr. Numb, it will definitely reduce the immediate feeling of pain. Basically, such products produce numbness and they are safe. You can buy them easily as these are easily available over the counter, i.e. no doctor prescription is needed.

How To Use Numbing Cream Works?

While these solution works by producing numbing reaction on your skin, it is of great importance to use the product correctly. Only a right method can lead to appropriate effects. Learn it here:

  1. You can start with cleaning the skin surface you are going to have a tattoo. Using soap and water is perfect. Pat it with dry towel.
  2. Now with gloves in your hands, squeeze a good portion of cream in your hands and gently rub the cream over the area that’s to be worked on. A generous layer, approximately 1mm thick all over the required surface area is enough.
  3. You can now cover it with a cheesecloth-like material for around 45 minutes before you begin with your tattoo process.
  4. Before the tattoo artist starts his work, wipe off the excess of numbing cream with a damp cloth.
  5. The cream has already worked on your skin and now you can go tattooing.

How Numbing Cream Works On Your Skin?

Usually, these numbing solution works by blocking the pain signal, which is sent by the nerve endings on the skin. Hence, when you apply numbing cream to the affected area, it creates a feeling of numbness.
Once your numbing cream starts working, i.e. it becomes active on your skin; the tattoo artist can start with tattooing. An effective solution like Dr. Numb makes your skin numb for minimum three to four hours.
Being one of the most popular and reliable topical anesthetic cream, it is highly targeted towards tattoo parlors. There is no doubt, that it is one of the most effective, medically tested, and reasonably priced solutions.

The numbing effect will strictly depend on the type of cream you choose. Hence, it is advised to choose your numbing partner wisely. You can count on Dr. Numb for sure. Not only it works for tattoo procedures, but also it is effective or various dermal applications like body piercing, laser tattoo removal, needle injections, laser hair removal, body waxing, and several others.

Reduce Tattoo Pain- Dr. Numb

How To Reduce Tattoo Pain?

The truth with tattoo making is that it is real painful and it takes a great deal to get one on your skin. But another good thing is that there are ways you can deal with the tattoo pain.
The following article deals with ways to lessen the intensity of before and after tattoo pain.

Reduce Tattoo Pain- Dr. Numb

In tattooing needles are pierced into the skin and this will cause pain anyhow. This is but natural. Although the level of pain also depends on your body’s sensitivity but pain during the tattooing process is inevitable.
Read further to find how you can deal with the tattoo pain.

Pre-Tattoo Pain Relief

If it’s your first time then it’s natural that you would be nervous about the pain but don’t worry it’s not going to be as worse as you think it to be. Moreover, the level of the pain is directly linked with the body part you are getting tattooed.

What to Avoid?

Alcohol While most people have the notion that alcohol or drugs will help them cut off the excess pain, on the other hand, alcohol consumption before the tattoo making process makes it unsafe for you. Drugs or alcohol can make the blood thin which cannot help the blood to clot while bleeding.
• Aspirin or ibuprofen Don’t take any OTC drug thinking it will lessen the pain. Such medicines can only make the tattoo bleed in excess.
What is recommended?
• Tylonel or acetaminophen These over-the-counter pain killers are comparatively safe and also reduce the pain.
• Dr Numb’s cream – You can apply this numbing cream half an hour before the procedure. This will numb the area and give you a pain free tattoo making procedure.

During The Tattoo

Initially when the needle is inserted into your skin, it is definitely going to pain, but the pain will lessen naturally after few minutes. The reason is that your body releases endorphins naturally when some external stimulus is triggered which reduces the pain.
Sometimes the vibration from the tattoo machine even lessens the pain. But if you feel excess of pain, you can take short breaks in between to make the procedure easy for you.
Bactine and lidocaine based sprays or numbing creams can also help to reduce the pain during the tattoo making. You can check with the artist if he has such products to have a painless tattoo making experience.

Post Tattoo Pain Relief

People have varying notions about pain in the tattoo making. Some feel the pain is worst during the procedure while others think the healing process is the toughest part.
Unhygienic and improper procedure can even result in infection which is again painful.

Following are some things which can help you in relieving pain post procedure.
• Ice– You can apply the ice pack wrapped in a cloth to the affected area. This can relieve you off the excessive pain.
• Numbing Cream- If you experience unbearable pain after the tattoo making, and then you can apply the numbing cream for temporary pain relief. Dr Numb is a popular numbing cream which is widely used for cutting pain in many dermatological procedures. Dr Numb’s cream is a safe and effective numbing cream which contains just 5% Lidocaine which has been declared safe by FDA. It is a safe OTC drug which is used by doctors, aestheticians and artists for giving a painless experience to their customers.

The tattoo making, permanent cosmetics have become popular over the past few years but most people still want painless ways to for these procedures.


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