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Why Do You Need a Numbing Cream on Your First Tattoo Session?


One of the things that hinder us in having our first dream tattoo is the fear of how painful it’s going to be. We don’t usually know what to expect. We don’t know if we’ll be able to handle the pain that it will bring.

This is basically the reason why we need to use numbing cream on our first tattoo session. The cream will give us the confidence that we will not be experiencing trauma in our first ink up escapade.

Most of us will not take the risk getting into a painful procedure unprepared. It is important that you are ready especially for a tattoo procedure considering that it is your first time. To lessen the anxiety and ease the pain of the procedure, it is best to apply a topical anesthetic cream. Numbing creams are easy to use and the effect is instant. It is better to look for a water-based numbing cream so that it will not affect the quality of the tattoo’s ink and even the healing time. It is equally important to check on the product’s label and ingredients. Look for the product with a high amount of Lidocaine in it is which is a very powerful anesthetic and effective for extensive procedures

Tattoo Pain

Numbing Gel for Tattoos? What You Need to Know

Tattoo Pain

There are a lot of numbing gels or creams out in the market that has been widely used by tattoo artists and tattoo shops and has been endorsed by laser clinic owners. The major purpose of this numbing cream is basically to numb the area that needs to have a procedure with. There are tattoo artists who discourage their customers to use such cream or gel because of their belief that numbing cream affects the tattoo quality and the healing time. The good news is that there are numbing creams that are water-based, so the cream will not affect the quality of the tattoo and even the healing time.

It is important to consider the effect and safety of the cream. You need to make sure that what you are using is something that would definitely work and will be able to help you out with the procedure you are going to have. We usually use the cream on for our tattoo procedure especially to those sensitive areas such as back of your knee, collar bone, face, ribs, private area, armpit, knuckles, toes, and with some people, the ankle. These areas have been avoided by tattoo artists for the reason that they know how painful it will be. In such cases, they recommend customers to use numbing creams in order to lessen the pain and for them to be able to concentrate on the tattoo session itself.

There are a lot of things that we consider in getting our ink done. In order to help us go through the process easily, we think of methods that we could actually use. That is the reason why numbing creams and numbing gels are popular in the tattoo industry. Its normal to worry about the pain that you go through but this time, pain is no longer a problem, painless tattoos with numbing creams or gels is the way to go.

Be sure to look for a numbing cream or numbing gel which is water based to be certain that it does not affect the tattoo quality and healing time. There are tattoo artists who discourage their customers to use it in the fear of the creams chemical to counteract with the ink that they are using. It will be best to consult your tattoo artist prior the session. It is also our prime concern to make sure that you are not allergic to any anesthetic agents in order to avoid those allergic reactions such as redness and inflammation.

These are the things you need to keep in mind in using a numbing cream. If you have any questions or suggestions about numbing creams or gels, do let us know in the comments.


Top 10 Most Painful Areas to Have a Tattoo

painful tattoo

Getting a tattoo is painful in itself, but there are certain areas in the body where it is more painful than the others. So painful that people squirm or even faint! Here we list down the top 10 most painful areas to have a tattoo as stated by tattoo professionals:

1. Spine – The spine area is a very bony part and the skin is thin. Combine those two conditions and the result is a painful tattoo process.

2. Bikini area – The bikini area obviously is quite painful, since its nearest a very sensitive part of your body.

3. Inside of the wrist – The skin on the inner wrist is thin, and this area is the junction for a bundle of nerves.

4. Knee, Elbow, Ankle – Like the wrist, the skin of the knees, elbows and ankles are thin, and it can be easier for the tattoo needle to jar the bone. Tattoos in these spots can also take longer to heal, because you are constantly moving your joints. While it might be tempting to avoid the pain by going for the inner elbow or behind the knee, those areas also contain tons of nerves and are highly sensitive to touch, so they’ll likely be just as painful.

5. Rib cage – The skin on the rib cage area is very thin that you are almost getting tattooed to the bones.

6. Neck – The neck area is constantly moving so it also takes more time to heal.

7. Foot – There is hardly any muscle tissue on the foot that’s why the pain is augmented. It takes at least 2-3 weeks for it to heal, and some tattoo artists refuse to tattoo on this area.

8. Lip – The absence of fatty tissue in the inner lip causes the lack of cushion for the pain.

9. Anywhere around the eye – The eyes are a very delicate part of the body. The skin surrounding it is thin and sensitive as well. It also takes more time to heal because the eyelid area is always moving.

10. Behind the ear – Skin on this area is also thin making the nerves more sensitive to pain.

If you have a tattoo in any of these areas, congratulations, you survived! Let us know your experience in the comments!