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7 Other Uncommon Painful Procedures That Need A Numbing Cream

procedures that need numbing cream

Numbing creams are pretty common in tattooing, waxing, and injections. But there are a few more uncommon dermal procedures that numbing creams are used. They are not as mainstream as the ones previously mentioned, but they are painful as well and can use some topical anesthetic. Here are the 7 other uncommon procedures that need a numbing cream

  1. Body piercing – people have used topical anesthetics in body piercings. Some more painful body piercings are belly rings, nose rings, eyelid rings, and nipple piercings. These can all benefit from the use of a numbing cream.
  2. Dermabrasions – this procedure is only performed by certified dermatologists since it involves “scraping” the surface of the skin with an apparatus. This is quite painful as well that’s why a numbing cream is used to prepare then skin before the treatment.
  3. Fraxel Skin Treatment – Fraxel uses laser treatment to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, scarring and age spots. Its also only performed by certified doctors and involves some pain so the numbing cream is helpful to make the patient more comfortable.
  4. Derma-roller – also known as skin needling, are rollers with needles sticking out of the surface. This is used to resurface the skin by rolling it on the skin. Basically, you are poking your skin with multiple needles at the same time. And this will be very excruciating without the aid of a numbing cream.
  5. Laser Tattoo Removal – another dermal procedure involving lasers to burn out the skin areas with tattoo to erase them from the skin. Doctors need to use a numbing cream on the patient to make them more comfortable.
  6. Laser Hair Removal – similar to Laser tattoo removal, but this time the laser is used to burn the laser from the skin. Since lasers are involved, a cream for numbing will also be needed.
  7. Cannulations – this is a medical procedure where a tube is inserted into the body to drain fluid or administer medicine to a patient. A topical anesthetic can help the patient feel more relaxed during the insertion of the tube during cannulation.

These are some of the more uncommon uses of numbing creams in the medical industry and how they are utilized. If you know other procedures where you have used the cream, do let us know in the comments, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

Numbing Cream Sales Continue to Rise!

Numbing Cream Sales Continue to Rise!

Sales of numbing creams continue to rise over the past five years. It is associated with the increasing popularity of tattooing and body waxing; two of the procedures that are considered painful by most people.

Numbing Cream Sales Continue to Rise!

The Use Of Numbing Creams In Various Industries

More people want to be tattooed because it is a form of expression or they consider it as art. But they do not want to go through the painful process. Numbing creams achieve their body artwork in the painless way. Tattooist continue to encourage people who want to get painless tattoos to use the numbing cream because it also helps them do their job faster, resulting in more business.


Derm clinics and spas have also increased the demand for numbing creams. Clients now enjoy painless waxing with the help of a numbing cream. They also use the product on other procedures that involve needles. In turn, these establishments get more clients because they provide a painless experience for them.

The Future of Numbing Creams

It has been predicted that the numbing cream sales worldwide will continue to increase as the demand for painless tattooing and body waxing improve. Businesses will benefit from the availability of the said product.