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Numbing Cream for Cartilage Piercings

Does Numbing Cream Work for Cartilage Piercings

Getting cartilage piercings is a decision that many women continue to postpone indefinitely. Most of them are just too afraid of the pain and discomfort involved during and after cartilage piercings.

Numbing Cream for Cartilage Piercings

Now that you are searching for answers whether numbing creams really allay the pain caused at the time a needle punctures your ear’s soft cartilage or not, chances are that you have almost made up your mind. Congratulations.

Whether its daith, helix, rook or any other piercing type you are opting for, be assured that you can successfully deal with the pain by using a good quality topical numbing anesthetic. Just don’t buy a random over-the-counter numbing cream that promises quick results.

A numbing cream such as Dr Numb, with Lidocaine as the chief ingredient can easily block the nerve endings in the target area (on and around the ear cartilage), thereby preventing the transmission of pain signals to your brain. Since pain signals don’t make it to your brain, you will feel no or negligible pain when a needle punctures your ear’s cartilage to make room for the stud you want to sport.

Dr Numb numbing cream for cartilage piercings has to be applied about half an hour in advance. In most cases, the artist responsible for carrying out the piercing would have a numbing cream like Dr Numb in stock already but if you are want to be doubly sure about the pain, just get yourself of a pack of Dr Numb numbing cream tubes. Not just cartilage piercings, the cream will also come handy for scores of other skincare procedures including tattooing, waxing, laser hair removal, etc.

Just in case you feel pain in your ear’s cartilage once the piercing is done (cartilage does take some time to heal completely), you can use Dr Numb numbing cream to deal with the pain.

How Effective Is Microdermabrasion With Numbing Cream?

How Effective Is Microdermabrasion With Numbing Cream?

Microdermabrasion can be a painless and safe treatment. But, patients with a lower pain threshold should prefer using a numbing cream for a comfortable and scream-free microdermabrasion therapy.

How Effective Is Microdermabrasion With Numbing Cream?

Microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenating and revitalizing procedure.

It is especially designed to repair skin that has been damaged due to excessive sun exposure, acne and general effects of aging and facial scars. This technique makes use of gentle suction and abrasion for peeling off the dead, outer layer of the skin. As a result, new and healthy skin is revealed from within.

What Skin Conditions Can Be Treated With Microdermabrasion

Patients with all types of skin problems can benefit from Microdermabrasion. Some of the most common indications for treatment include:

  • Early signs of skin ageing.
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Revitalizes dull & dead skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Surgical scars
  • Melasma

Is Microdermabrasion Painful

Professional Microdermabrasion is performed using a diamond tip or many tiny crystals. Both these methods are used to exfoliate your skin and use a sucking motion to remove the exfoliating grains along with the dead skin cells.

Exfoliation may produce a slight tingling sensation that can cause discomfort to patients with low pain tolerance.

How to Deal With Microdermabrasion Pain

Quality numbing creams, such as Dr. Numb work best to make the skin less sensitive.

Dr. Numb will work by numbing the skin and prepare you for the treatment.

Dr. Numb is the only water based numbing cream available in the market that contains the highest and purest amount of Lidocaine as approved by FDA. You can now have a silky, smooth and glowing skin without having to bear the pain of Microdermabrasion treatment.

Can I Use Dr. Numb Numbing Cream for Needle Injection?

Can I Use Dr. Numb Numbing Cream for Needle Injection?

Do you wonder why Dr. Numb is the most recommended numbing cream and if it’s really effective on needle injections? Read on to know the truth!

No one likes injections, especially kids. Even parents can’t watch their kids getting shots!

Can I Use Dr. Numb Numbing Cream for Needle Injection?

But since vaccinations are important, there is no choice but to get a reliable numbing cream. Dr. Numb is one of the most commonly prescribed topical anesthetic products.

But is it really effective on needle injections? Let’s find out:

Dr. Numb for Painless Injections  

Dr. Numb is a powerful topical anesthetic cream that can be used for all kinds of painful skin procedures. It is often recommended by skin experts and tattoo artists all over the world. And those who’ve used Dr. Numb approve it as a safe and effective numbing solution.

Dr. Numb – Composition and Application

The main ingredient of Dr. Numb is Lidocaine, a powerful topical anesthetic having matchless analgesic, sedative and cardiac-depressant properties. It is also used to produce nerve block and infiltration anesthesia.

You should apply Dr. Numb a few minutes before an injection. Apply a thick layer on the area that is to be injected, wrap using a saran wrap, and leave it for more than 30 minutes. Patients with very low pain threshold can even wait for 45 minutes or more. Once your skin is completely numb, you’ll feel little or no pain during the procedure.

How Dr. Numb Works

Dr. Numb safely prevents your nerve endings from sending any pain signals to your brain. This is why you don’t feel any pain while getting a shot. If you have applied a sufficient amount of the cream, you’ll see results shortly after the application.

Don’t forget to properly clean your skin before you apply the cream. Make sure you use only a saran wrap to cover the cream and area that is to be treated.

Can Doctors Put Numbing Cream On Before Injections?

Can Doctors Put Numbing Cream On Before Injections?

Let’s face it. Nobody likes taking the pain of injections. Unfortunately, various medical treatments make injections an imperative part of diagnosis. But is there any alternative to save you from the pain of shots? Read along to find out!

Can Doctors Put Numbing Cream On Before Injections?

The hesitancy of vaccines comes in a variety of flavors. However, it’s not always about the safety concerns that cause children, teens and parents to hesitate or even refuse vaccinations, but it’s sometimes about the pain and discomfort associated with them.

Although, it’s perfectly fine to have a fear of needles, sometimes this needle anxiety can manifest itself as a sincere phobia.

Getting Rid Of the Pain from Injections

From infants to senior citizens, timely vaccinations are necessary to protect yourself and others from serious diseases and infections. Children with chronic medical problems such as diabetes require shots of insulin on regular basis. Similarly, girls suffering from Turner Syndrome or children with growth hormone deficiency, also require regular shots of growth hormone.

Although, there is no way to get rid of the pain, your doctors can help you avoid the shot from hurting. Yes, it’s true! Applying numbing creams like Dr. Numb, to the specific area about an hour before administering the injection, will help numb the skin and minimize or better still, eliminate the pain caused by the injection.

What is Dr. Numb?

Dr. Numb is a topical anesthetic, non-prescription cream that contains active Lidocaine and non-medicinal rapid acting base. This rapid absorption, fast acting formula can be used by doctors to safely eliminate undesired pain caused by piercing injections, thereby freeing patients from the needle phobia.

Taking injections after the application of Dr Numb topical numbing cream is easy and nearly pain free. The drug is readily available online.


Numbing Cream for Injections, Do You Need It?


Some doctors believe that being healthy does not need to be painful. Recent developments in cosmetic medicine continue to aim for less painful methods for certain medical procedures. But one requirement for most procedures is having injections.

Injections are tolerable to most people, but for some this procedure is very painful. Imagine getting your skin, or probably up to your muscles, pierced by  a very fine needle. And even the needle size accounts for the pain level – the thicker and deeper the needle gets, the more painful it becomes. That’s why some people – children or even adults with low tolerance to pain – avoid going to the doctor and getting their shots or injection medicines because they are afraid of the pain.

This is where the numbing cream can be very handy. The person who needs to get the injection just needs to apply the numbing cream on the area 1 hour before getting the injection, and they can already avoid the pain associated with injections. The pain is completely avoided, and the person will maintain their health because they won’t be scared of the injections anymore. Its a great help for kids as well for getting their vaccines.

If you have a high tolerance to pain, then you probably can go by an injection without the need for a numbing cream. But for others who are very afraid of it, the numbing cream can be a very important tool for avoiding the injection pain and keeping their health maintained.