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Tattoo Numbing Cream – Information

Nowadays, tattoo is already accepted and even considered as an art. Gone are the days when tattoo is considered a taboo. A lot of us are longing to have tattoos but we don’t hate the pain together with it. We often think of ways to avoid or at least lessen the pain. Due to high demand to products to help in tattoo sessions, a lot of numbing creams have been out in the market.

Who would not buy something that could help you go through with your painful procedure? Who wouldn’t want painless tattoo session? Aside from it would help us bear the pain easily, this would also help the tattoo artist concentrate more on the tattoo procedure instead of worrying if you’re hurt or not.

One important thing to consider in using numbing creams is its content. You need to make sure that what you’re getting has a good quality and that it is proven safe and effective. There are tattoo artists who don’t prefer numbing cream for the fear of it affecting the ink quality. There is a numbing cream out in the market proven not to have an effect in the tattoo quality. Dr Numb is a topical anesthetic cream that is proven safe and effective and it is water-based so it will not affect the tattoo quality nor the healing time. This is so far the most effective and widely used by different tattoo artists in their tattoo procedures.


How Numbing Cream Works for Skin Procedures

topical anestheticWe might wonder how does this cream help? How does this work? How true that it affects the healing time? And all that questions. It all boils down into, how does a numbing cream numb the skin? All of those questions are going to be answered in this article. Continue reading


7 Other Uncommon Painful Procedures That Need A Numbing Cream

procedures that need numbing creamNumbing creams are pretty common in tattooing, waxing, and injections. But there are a few more uncommon dermal procedures that numbing creams are used. They are not as mainstream as the ones previously mentioned, but they are painful as well and can use some topical anesthetic. Here are the 7 other uncommon procedures that need a numbing cream: Continue reading