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Using Numbing Cream When I Gauge My Ears?

Using Numbing Cream When I Gauge My Ears?

Naturally, body piercing can never be completely pain free. If you want to minimize pain, use an effective and safe numbing cream like Dr. Numb before getting your ears gauged. Read on to know more about the product and how it helps ease the pain caused at the time of ear gauging.

Generally, body piercing is considered to be less painful than tattooing. And despite this, the thought of pain can make many of us shiver down the spine.

Ear piercing, for instance takes only a few seconds – but if the fear of pain is keeping you from getting the ears pierced, use Dr. Numb numbing cream. Apply it 60 minutes before piercing and you will not feel the slightest tinge of pain.

Whatever be your level of tolerance for pain, a little help can always work wonders for you.

Dr. Numb – For Painless Ear Piecing Experience

Dr. Numb is a topical anesthetic cream comprising of 5% Lidocaine, the highest amount approved by FDA. Pure Lidocaine and non-oil based concentration of Dr. Numb makes it an ideal numbing cream for all types of skin needling procedures, including gauging the ears.

How It Works?

Dr. Numb works by penetrating deep into the skin and preventing the nerve endings from transferring painful sensation of nerve impulses to the brain. It effectively makes the skin feel numb for a period of at least two hours.

How to Use Dr. Numb?

To use Dr. Numb, apply a generous layer of the cream onto the ear. Cover the portion with a saran wrap for at least 30 minutes. Make sure you clean the area before using the numbing cream.

Remove the wrap after 30 minutes and the skin will be completely numb for the next two hours.


How to Achieve the Optimum Level of Numbness of the Best Numbing Cream

MED239b A high quality skin numbing cream will be more effective if properly applied. Some of the users might not be following the correct directions on how to apply the cream and that can result in a lower numbing effect or health hazards to the person using it. It is important to use the topical numbing cream as directed to achieve the full effect. Continue reading