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Needle Free Topical Botox

Needle Free Topical Botox

Botox is a popular but painful dermatological procedure to get over skin imperfections like aging, wrinkles, lines and other visible skin problems. But Botox is indeed a painful procedure since it involves the use of needles. Although there are ways to reduce the Botox pain but still it is not possible to completely eliminate the pain and trauma experienced during the Botox treatment.

Needle Free Topical Botox

The following blog is about the painless ways to BOTOX and a brief intro about the new techniques for needle frees topical Botox.

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Well, everything in the world has a big price to pay for that can be in the form of money, time or efforts. So, if you have an unending desire for a flawless skin you will have to spend on expensive cosmetic products, treatments and also undergo the excruciating pain felt in these treatments.
Botox is one such treatment for people who are obsessed to have good looks at any cost.

How Is It Done?

Botox is one of the most commonly done procedures in derma clinics by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for removing fine lines and wrinkles off a person’s face. In this, chemicals are introduced in the skin with the help of a needle. Many celebrities have even adapted for such procedures and that’s why Botox has become popular.
The effect of Botox lasts for at least 5-6 months after a session of 20-28 units.

Need Of Topical Anesthetics

The Botox involves the use of needle which is penetrated inside the skin to introduce chemicals which is indeed a painful process. Therefore, dermatologists recommend use of topical anesthetics for giving this procedure to their customers.
Numbing cream is one of the most safe and highly recommended solutions by dermatologists for a painless Botox. It has been clinically tested for its safety and effectiveness for skin procedures. It contains 5% lidocaine which is the highest amount allowed by FDA for use in topical numbing creams. It is one of the most popular numbing creams used in US and Canada. Many renowned personalities and celebs also recommend the use of Dr numb cream due to its effectiveness to numb the part of the skin being treated. In all, Dr Numb is a highly trusted, used and recommended cream in the market.
Dr. Numb numbing cream is used by beauty artists, doctors, and tattoo artists for giving a painless beauty treatment to their patients. It is used while giving injection shots, immunization, permanent tattoo, waxing, piercings and dermabrasion/microdermabrasion.
It is not just used to cut off pain during the skin procedures but also used during body pain like shoulder pain, migraine etc. it is applied at the site of the pain to relieve the excessive pain.

Tips for Pain-Free Botox Procedures:

Avoid the unnecessary panic before the Botox treatment. More anxiety will only create more fear in the mind about getting the Botox injection. You can talk to your doctor and clarify your doubts.
Apply some ice over the part of the skin receiving the Botox injection. This will numb the skin portion and make the injection pain bearable for you.
Use Dr. Numb topical anesthetic cream before the treatment starts for long-lasting numbness. You can rub the numbing cream gently over the area around one hour before the treatment. The numbing effect of Dr numb cream lasts for around 3-4 hours which is good enough to keep you off the excessive pain.

Needle Free Topical Botox

A new way to do Botox is being researched over which will be done without needles. It’s yet not publically available but clinical tests have been done for a new topical botulinum toxin type A and have found to give positive results. This new type of Botox doesn’t require use of any injections and can be applied to the skin and the potions of the skin to be treated for wrinkles.
But many doctors aren’t convinced for its effectiveness over Botox with injections. May be the needless Botox will be preferred by the ones who cannot afford to bear the injection pain.

Botox For Treating Migraines

Botox To Treat Migrane

If migraine is a barrier in your happy-living, Botox is your solution! When FDA approved Botox as an effective treatment for curing migraine in 2010, the migraine sufferers were at great ease. Let’s learn more about botox and its impact on migraine.

Chronic migraine patients can go to any extent in the quest to get relief. After all, the migraine is very uncomfortable and painful.

Botox For Treating Migraines

Causes Of Migraines

The shocking answer is that exact reason of migraines is still unknown. Experts believe it to be a result of temporary abnormal brain activity that affects the nerve signals, blood vessels and chemicals in the brain. It is also possible that your genes make you experience migraines as an outcome of a specific trigger. Sufferers of chronic migraines experience severe headaches for about 15 or more days every month. Earlier, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved OnabotulinumtoxinA, more commonly known as Botox-A or Botox, as a migraine treatment. And today it is widely used as a chronic migraine treatment.

Botox is just for Wrinkles!!!!

In the late 1990’s and 2000’s, Botox gained universal popularity as a wrinkle reducer. It wasn’t long before scientists documented Botox as a potential treatment to treat other disorders. However, finally in 2010, the FDA approved Botox as a preventive treatment option for chronic migraines which became a life-saving opportunity for the migraine patients.

How Botox Treats Migraines?

Botox is basically a drug that can be injected and is made from a toxic bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. Botox treatments for migraines span 15 month a period and are generally given once every three months. During the Botox treatment, the doctor injects multiple doses of the medicine in specific points – the temples, the back of the head, along the bridge of the nose, the forehead, the neck, and the upper back. These injections are injected with the sole purpose of reducing the symptoms caused by a migraine. The migraine symptoms include nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to lights, odors, and sounds. The result of the Botox treatment over migraines doesn’t happen right away; it may take as long as one or two weeks to improve. Even some people may not notice any relief with their first set of injections. As such, additional treatments are sometimes more fruitful according to the American Headache Society.

Is Botox Right For You?

Botox is said to be one of many effective treatments available for individuals with chronic migraines. Botox can be a better option than other migraine medication if you aren’t able to tolerate them well. With the rise in the acceptance of Botox as a migraine treatment, most insurance providers today cover the expense of a Botox injection. Without insurance, Botox can be a bit burdensome for your pocket, costing you several thousand dollars. Also, in some cases, sufferers may require to undergo several other procedures or tests before being authorized for the Botox treatments.

Complications of Botox Treatments

The most common complications of Botox treatment are neck pain and stiffness at the injection site. Some patients may also experience temporary muscle tenderness in the neck and upper shoulders making difficult for the patient to keep their head upright. However, these side-effects usually resolve in a few days. The Botox toxin can sometimes spread to areas beyond the injection site. This may lead the person to experience vision changes, loss of strength, muscle weakness, and drooping eyelids. Luckily, no such cases have been reported often.

Consult Your Doctor about Botox

Botox isn’t right for everyone, although it might be right for you! If you don’t get relief from other preventive treatments, it may be the time to talk to your doctor about the treatment. Fortunately, the botox injections are almost painless; it’s like a very small sting at each injection. Also, the process is quick. Each session lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. So, do not worry if you’ve migraine, just get treated with BOTOX and get rid of the pain soon!


Can Dr.Numb® Cream Irritate the Eyes When Having an Eyeliner Tattoo?

When you have already made up your mind for getting the permanent eyeliner on your eyes, you also need to gear up your mind for healing time involved and also the efforts which are involved with it.


The following article deals with few basic but mandatory instructions to be followed for a smooth procedure and faster healing.

Following are some of the things you need to put in place before you go for the eyeliner tattoo.

Pre-Procedure instructions

  • Since it is going to take some time for healing, so you should plan in advance all the house activities. You will need to postpone your social meets and tell everybody at your place that you will not be involved with any household chores for next few days.
  • You will have to shop through few items such as ointments, straws, napkins for blotting, Q-tips, OTC pain reliever, prescriptions.
  • Next thing, don’t plan vacations or outing just few days after the procedure as it will take some time for eyeliner tattoo to heal. Also you need to avoid any exposure to sun and therefore, just cut off yourself from any outsider activities for the next few days after the procedure.
  • If you have any doubts or questions related to the procedure then don’t hesitate to consult the permanent makeup artist.
  • While you are going for the procedure prefer wearing rough or casual clothing instead of formal clothes. And wear some comfortable clothing as it requires long hours for the procedure to take place.
  • Although Permanent eyebrow procedures are not done with the sedation as the area can be numbed easily. But you can always keep a dose of painkillers along with you to in case you experience a lot of pain. But you should never take up a medicine without consulting your artist and doctor.

Use of numbing cream for relieving pain

Although many tattoo artists and make-up artist, use numbing creams to give a painless treatment to their patients but still you can also buy it from over the counter and apply it on your own.

 Dr Numb’s cream is a topical anesthetic cream which is used by many tattoo artists, aestheticians and even doctors for numbing the portion of the skin to be treated. It consists of 5% Lidocaine which is totally safe to be used as a numbing agent and doesn’t pose any danger to health.

Moreover, Dr numb’ s cream can be used both before and after the procedure. It is simple to use it. You just need to apply the cream one hour before the getting the eyeliner tattoo and then cover it with a saran wrap. This will successfully numb the eyeliner portion and the numbing affect will last for about three hours. This is good enough for a pain free eyeliner tattoo. Dr numb’s numbing cream is of superior quality and doesn’t cause any harm to the eyes and never interferes even with permanent eyeliner ink.

Some general tips to follow for a safe eyeliner tattoo procedure.
* Contact lens should not be worn 24 hours before or after the procedure.
* Sunglasses should be worn for few days after the procedure as the eyes may become light sensitive.
* Avoid dying the lashes for 2 days before the procedure.
* Never use eyelash curler on the day of the procedure.
* In case you have any eye allergy then you should contact your physician for finding safe ways to get it done.

*Also, if you are suffering or have undergone any eye surgery like Lasik or cataract then do not go for permanent eyeliner procedure without consulting the physician.


How to Botox with Dr. Numb?

Beauty and pain has a deep relation. It is impossible to get good looks without pain! After all, vanity has a price!  Botox is a beauty treatment but it feels great pain when undergoing it. But, thanks to Dr. Numb… Botox is no more a pain today. Check out how.


Let’s talk about good looks. Everybody is obsessed in terms of beauty treatments and stuff. After all, this is one important aspect of human life that everyone likes to keep. As such, if there is a way for us to keep the beauty forever within us, we will definitely go for it.

How to Botox

The long list of beauty procedures and regimens available today has no end. You can find myriads of options in derma clinics. Unfortunately, most of these procedures involve needles and lasers which hurt a lot. Botox is one among them.

How To Botox

One of the most popular procedures done in derma clinics is certainly Botox. This has been used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons in order to remove fine lines and wrinkles from a person’s face. It involves introduction of chemicals in the skin through a needle. This has proven effective for a lot of people and even celebrities have been doing this. Botox is done in sessions; the effect typically could last for at least 5-6 months after taking 20-28 units per session. Since the needle involves penetration, it gets very painful which is why dermatologists require topical anesthetics before starting this procedure.

Let us know how to tackle the BOTOX procedure without feeling pain to help us achieve our goal – beauty.

Dr. Numb for BOTOX

Dr. Numb

Talking about topical numbing solutions, Dr. Numb is one numbing cream that is recommended by doctors and those who used it before. Dr. Numb is proven safe and effective and it contains the highest Lidocaine content (5%) approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dr. Numb is a popular anesthetic cream across the US and Canada. This has been recommended and used by renowned personalities and celebs because of its good reputation in terms its effect of numbness. It is believed to be the most trusted numbing cream in the market.

Dr. Numb numbing cream has been used effectively for injection shots, immunization and other painful skin procedures such as tattoo sessions, waxing, piercings and dermabrasion/microdermabrasion. It has been proven safe and effective at a level tolerated by a lot of people who used it and ended up as satisfied and returning customers.

Dr. Numb is also effective for people who have a lower tolerance to pain and undergoing the Botox procedure can be a very uncomfortable experience.

Here are a few tips for people on how to reduce the pain associated with botox injections:

  1. Don’t Panic. Feel relaxed as much as possible during the process. The more anxious you are, the greater your mind expects a painful injection that will make you feel more pain, psychologically.
  2. Put some ice over the skin area receiving the botox injection. Applying ice will briefly numb the skin, which will help make the botox injection more bearable.
  3. Apply Dr. Numb topical anesthetic cream. Apply the cream over the area one hour before undergoing the procedure. This will numb the area for 3-4 hours effectively and you’ll not feel any pain during the Botox procedure. This is recommended by dermatologists for people who are really uncomfortable with the pain.

Isn’t it a simple and a very helpful way to ward off that pain? Dr. Numb is not only safe and effective, but it is highly recommended for all skin types and ages. Also, it costs you only a few dollars. SO, it is 100% effective, reliable and cost-effective formula to bear pain. Just follow the aforementioned tips and you are on your way to getting good looks …that too painlessly!



Painless Botox with Numbing Creams


botox numbing cream

Botox is one of the famous beauty regimens done by people who want to restore their wrinkle-free skin.

A lot of people resort to this kind of procedure in order to look good and young. This procedure includes putting in a chemical directly into the facial muscle to remove the wrinkles in it. This is an effective procedure that the effect could last for at least 8-12 weeks. The procedure is done by introducing the chemical into the muscles through a needle. It is injected into the area where visible wrinkles are. Usually Botox are injected on the forehead, frown line and chin where there are crow feet and other type of wrinkles are visible.

This procedure brings discomfort to clients. To avoid pain during the procedure, an anesthetic or numbing cream is applied on the area. Topical anesthetics are being used by the dermatologists in derma clinics. The most recommended numbing cream is Dr. Numb, the leading brand in topical anesthetics. This cream has been used by a lot of people and has been proven safe and effective in different type of painful skin procedures. Dr. Numb is the most trusted numbing cream that can be used for procedures like Botox. With the product’s Lidocaine content which is 5% and the highest amount approved by the FDA, Dr. Numb is still the leading anesthetic in the market today.

The application is easy, all you need to do is to apply a thick amount of cream onto your skin and leave it on for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Wipe the excess or the residue of the cream once the numbness kicks off. The numbness could last for at least 3-4 hours.