Summer or winter? When to Get a Tattoo?

May 29, 2017   341

Many tattoo experts believe that you should consider the weather while getting a tattoo.Summer or winter When to Get a Tattoo

Scorching summer heat is not considered ideal for tattooing as it is quite challenging to take care of tattoo due to excessive sweating. Moreover, the direct sun exposure can fade the tattoo ink. However, winter is not good for getting a tattoo just because you don’t have an opportunity to flaunt it, thanks to the tons of layering. Many experts also believe that the frozen climate can affect pigmentation.

Then, what is the best season of getting a tattoo?

But the season has nothing to do with your tattooing process as long as you are taking care of your tattoo. However, the aftercare can be different according to the climate.

Getting a Tattoo in Summer

Summer is the popular season to get a tattoo as it is the time when people have an opportunity to flaunt their tattoos. It is also a favorable season for tattoo business.

However, it can’t be denied that aftercare is challenging because of hot and sweaty climate. It can also affect your healing and the quality of the ink due to the direct sun exposure.

Therefore, you should be extra careful in summers to maintain your tattoo quality and life as well.

Here are some aftercare tips for tattoos during summer:

  • Apply sunscreen over tattoos
  • Cover your tattoos with clothing to avoid the direct sun exposure
  • Ask your tattoo artist for aftercare while going for outdoor holidays
  • Avoid swimming and public bathing in lakes or river for few days


Getting a Tattoo in Winter:

Most people avoid getting a tattoo in winter just because they won’t be able to flaunt it due to the layering of the clothes.  The frozen climate forces them to stay inside.

However, winter can be bit better than summers as there is no sweating or sun exposure. You can spend winters in the aftercare of the tattoo so that you can flaunt it in summer with less or no precautions. Many tattoo artists recommend that dry winter is the best time as there is a less chance of infection and exposing of the skin to the dust and sweat. This is important as fresh tattoo is like a wound.


A good tattoo artist and aftercare regimen should be the top most priority, regardless of the seasons. An experienced tattoo artist lives up to your expectations while aftercare will increase the life and maintain the quality of your tattoos.


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