Having Stretch Marks??? Laser Removal Method is the Solution!

May 08, 2017   887

If you are thinking about laser removal of stretch marks, it may be wise to do some serious research before dove in. Laser surgery is costly, can be excruciating and can bring about extra scarring.Having Stretch Marks Laser Removal Method is the Solution!

How stretch marks occur?

When our body experiences a period of weight gain or loss, normally the skin will stretch to accommodate the change in body mass. As the skin is versatile, it will endure extending up to a specific degree.

Therefore, if the change in mass is too fast, the skin can’t keep up and the dermis layer will tear, leaving a scar. The external layer, the epidermis, is likewise diminished, and it is this combination that causes the sparkly, streaky appearance of stretch marks.

How laser removal work?

The way laser removal of stretch marks is guaranteed to work is by expelling harmed external layers of skin, in this manner advancing the production of collagen, the protein rich compound inside the body that repairs and restores skin tissue.

Most plastic surgeons and dermatologists are incredulous of these claims, as the real source of stretch marks is in the lower layer of the skin, and there is no confirmation that this will advance the production of collagen that deeply in the skin. It is thought that people may trust that they have made progress because of a change in appearance of the external layer from the laser treatment, however, this will be brief and will be at best case scenario just “disguise” the scarring.

Modern topical treatments

There are modern topical treatments that both contain collagen and are even proven to help the body produce the compound. These are for the most part more costly than standard healthy skin products, however, have appeared to be powerful in diminishing the presence of stretch marks. Lamentably nothing will ever fully rid your body of scarring, but these treatments will diminish their appearance significantly, and save you a lot of time, effort, pain and cash over the long run if you pick them over laser removal of stretch marks.

Before going for laser treatment, to make sure you don’t suffer any pain on your sensitive skin, ask your professional to numb the area with a topical numbing cream like Dr. Numb. It eases the pain while the laser treatment process goes on!

Would you like to dispose of these terrible stretch marks or prevent them from happening again? Then, do follow the article and share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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