Stories That Can Change Your Decision To Get Tattooed

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Tattoos are the perfect platform of self-expression for the younger generation these days. With passing time, people with the number of tattoos are also increasing. As per the research, 36% of U.S. adults aging 18 – 25 have at least one tattoo. Some have got valid reasons to get themselves inked, while other get a tattoo just to have a tattoo.

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Like any other living being on the earth, tattoos are for life and they breathe until the bearer of a tattoo breathes. They are not meant for just a special occasion, it adds meaning to your life on the permanent basis. Even a well-thought tattoo becomes a victim of regret in the long run of life. So taking a decision to get a tattoo is not as simple as it sounds. It stands on a pillar of thorough design research and discussions with a good tattoo artist.

The article shares three stories of three different people having different age groups, working field and opinions on their tattoo.

1.Amenda- Me, my daughters and my tattoos

I am a waiter and working since last 20 years. I was just 18 when my boyfriend left me for someone else. But he gifted me with twin daughters in my womb. I decided to give them birth and revolve my life around them. But the day he left me, my body became a canvas which got addicted to the ink of a tattoo.  In the first year of my breakup, I got 20 tattoos on my body and at present, I have 52 tattoos on my body. Each tattoo is a regret which urged me to get another one and hence in total I got 52 tattoos till now. People started judging me for my tattoos and I had no clue how to face them.

At an age of 38, I got a feeling of fooling myself since long with getting a new tattoo every other month. I made up my mind that I will go for the 53rd tattoo and this tattoo will be my life. As my life is my daughters, I have decided to ink their names on my wrist and finish this journey of the tattoo with a smile on face.

2.Andrey- The pain I ignored

Most of my friends got a tattoo on their body when they were in high school and my urge to get a tattoo became stronger with each passing day. But my parents wanted me to turn 18 before getting a tattoo and I waited for that day eagerly. I already had a tattoo design finalized in my mind but my desire to get a tattoo kept on growing at a very fast pace.

I was just 6 months away from my 18th birthday and one day when my parents were off to a holiday on a weekend, I decided to get a tattoo during that time. I thought that this will be a great idea as I will be getting a tattoo on my chest where they will not able to see it. Without having much knowledge of technicalities of getting a tattoo, I rushed to my nearby tattoo artist. I quickly explained him the design I wish to get on my chest but he refused to ink that design as it was out of his reach. It was a gentle alarm for me to step back and wait for a good day to get a tattoo. But I chose another design and asked him to start the tattoo process. The entire process was full of pain for me and the end result was also not satisfying.

When I went back home, my friend told me that the process is not as painful as I felt because they apply a good numbing cream before the process to make the inking process painless. My tattoo artist didn’t use any numbing cream prior to the process and hence I felt a lot of pain. I never recommended anyone to that tattoo artist and I wish I could have waited for some time to get the desired result.

3.Adam- Tattoo became a hurdle in my career growth

With a tattoo on my biceps, I am working with an IT company for 10 years. My tattoo never caused any problem in my career until I was given a promotion at managerial level. Before I could have celebrated my promotion, my boss called me in his cabin and revealed the entire story. He told me that my tattoo was not a problem to the company until I was at a desk job but in order to get a promotion of managerial level, I have to get rid of my tattoo as it creates a bad impression in front of a client.

That was the first day I regretted my tattoo and I chose my career above my tattoo and got rid of the tattoo by undergoing a laser treatment.

These stories of few people may help you to make up your mind before getting a tattoo. Tattoos are not a bad thing to wear on your body, but a way to approach towards it matter. So, have a thorough understanding and make in-depth discussions with a good tattoo artist before going ahead to get a tattoo.

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