All about Star Tattoos with their Meanings

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Stars have constantly held an extraordinary place in human lives. In fact, our whole presence spins around the closest star to our planet Earth, the sun. In Biblical times, all the way up to the 21st century, stars were night lights, managing the people who travelled by foot through the darkness. As symbols, stars have a long, rich history of meaning, speaking to the expectations and desires of mankind.All about Star Tattoos with their Meanings

Below mentioned is the list of star tattoo designs with meanings. Keep reading and be informed by some of the brightest tattoo designs around!

Celtic Star: Also known as Celtic knot, this tattoo design stands for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.’ They also represent ‘life, birth, death, and rebirth’ or ‘brain, body, and soul.’ We have a deeper exploration of Celtic tattoos here.

Mario Star: Known as Super Stars in Mario Brothers, these virtual fortunes makes diversion players incidentally strong. Since these stars supply players with super powers and speed, they are symbols of strengthening. They likewise speak to sentimentality for time spent playing computer games.

Nautical Star: This five pointed star reviews the compass rose. The nautical rose also represents to a mariner’s excursion home when lost in travel. Look at our nautical tattoo meanings page for a full list of nautical themed tattoos.

Pink Star: This standardly molded, pink shaded star is a tribute to the battle against breast cancer. The individuals who have beat the disease or lost a friend or family member to it wear pink star tattoos.

Septagram: The seven-pointed star is frequently delineated with seven planets encompassing it. It represents a widespread coordination and the presence of the mystical.

Falling/shooting star: Otherwise called a comet, the meteorite tattoo design is symbolic for good fortunes or flourishing. It commonly speaks to an occasion that was developed but temporary, leaving an enduring impact on the wearer’s life.

Three Stars and a Sun: The Filipino sun and stars tattoo design is frequently worn by those of Filipino legacy. Each of the 3 stars encompassing the sun speaks to one of the island groups in the Philippines.

Remember! It all depends on you that which design you choose to go with your style statement. Just ask your tattooist to numb the area with a topical numbing cream, Dr. Numn, before starting up with the tattooing process.

Do you know any other interesting star tattoo designs that we are missing? Then, do let us know about them in the comment section below!

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