How to Spot a Bad Tattoo Artist?

October 13, 2016   501

How can you spot a bad tattoo artist? Here are the methods for your help.

Choosing a tattoo artist is not a big deal. Search the net or ask the friend, you will end up lots of references. But finding a good artist is really a big deal as you don’t want to end up with tattoo regret as bad tattoo designs or the infected ones. So, it is better if you do some research to spot the bad tattoo artist. Remember, there may be hundreds of good tattoo artists but it takes only ignorance to encounter the bad one.

Tattoo Artist

He Doesn’t Listen to You:

Tattoo artists are expected to be the customer centric. But it is true in the case of professional tattoo artist only. A bad tattoo or unprofessional tattoo artist won’t listen to you and can’t deliver what you want.

Unhygienic Condition:

See their tattoo shop and you will have an idea about a tattoo artist. Stay away if you find unhygienic conditions prevailing inside, for example, ink scattered here and there, one needle for all clients, no sterilization equipment, and no gloves.

Lacking Portfolio:

A professional tattoo artist always keeps a tattoo portfolio which is the record of his work. On the other hand, an unprofessional or newbie would produce fake or having lame excuses over the unavailability of such portfolio.  

Know the Feedback:

Know what other user think about the tattoo artist you have finalized. If most of the reviews are negative, you must withdraw getting tattoo from him. You can check the reviews on social pages and websites. You can know from the previous customer to find out if he is really good in work.

Know Your Artist:

Meet him personally and know about his style and discuss on the style you want to have. This step will tell you if your tattoo artist has the skill to draw your favorite tattoo.
So, these are the signs that tell your tattoo artist is bad and you must drop him for good. However, choosing a tattoo artist require time and patience, helping you get a good tattoo in the end.

These are some ways to figure out the bad tattoo artists from the crowd. Needless to say that choosing the right tattoo artist will help and avoid tattoo disasters. Use your common sense and believe your gut feeling. Plus, it would be better if you reschedule an appointment than having a tattoo regret later.

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