Some Latin quote tattoos decoded for you

April 14, 2016   1344

Quotes tattoos, also known as, saying tattoos are quite popular among masses. The quotes or sayings may be related to an individual’s personal experiences. It symbolizes that the person is filled with knowledge and passion, plus thinks very highly of himself or herself. Every quote tattoo hides different story or belief behind it, moreover foreign language saying tattoos are also well-liked by people today.

Some Latin quote tattoos decoded for you
Latin language is one of the greatest and popular languages in the world that was spoken long time ago. However, popularity of the language is still evident in form of permanent tattoos. Quotes in Latin were used by many famous philosophers, kings, scientists. These quotes are still alive as popular tattoo trend.

For different people, saying tattoos may be a reminder their life experiences or just to inspire them through the course of their life. It shows that the person has strong believes and faiths about a particular aspect of life. All Latin tattoo quotes have deep meaning, and we’ve decoded some of the famous Latin quotes for you. Here are some shortlisted Latin quotes for your relief, and based on the respective meanings you may try to decode some personal believes and life experiences of your partner.

Ab ovo usque ad mala

The meaning of this quote is “from the beginning to the end.” Ab ovo (Latin: “from the beginning, the origin, the egg”) refers to one of the twin eggs from which Helen of Troy was born. The circle of life from beginning to end can be depicted from this saying. Mostly people who are looking for a real meaning of life or trying to discover themselves often get this quote tattoo. The person with this tattoo is a wanderer, looking for meaning of life. May be he/she has bent towards art or something creative.

Per aspera ad astra

Another meaningful Latin quote is “per aspera as astra,” which translates to “Through the darkness to the stars” in English. This phrase refers to one’s difficult journey of life, leading to the twinkling stars.  Ambitious people looking to achieve higher goals in life may get this phrase permanently inked on their skin. If your partner has this phrased inked on his/her body, then that person is highly ambitious and seeking to reach the sky.

Natus ut primus sim

This one is another ambitious Latin phrase, which means “born to be the first.” This saying tattoo is for people with higher aim and desire to get everything, leaving rest of the world behind. If your partner has this tattoo then this means he/she is ambitious, focused and determined.

Magna res est amor

This Latin phrase means “the great thing is the love” in English. It refers to the power of love and it’s the ultimate truth of life. A person with this quote tattoo is hopeless romantic, overly sentimental about moments in their past. They over think a lot about both good or bad events, but the good thing about them is that they are too caring about their partner. So, you’re in luck if your partner has this permanent tattoo on their body.

Hoc est vivere bis, vita posse priore frui

The phrase “hoc est vivere bis, vita posse priore frui” means “this is to live twice, the first to be able to enjoy.” This basically refers to the carefree nature of a person, who lives for joy and enjoyment rather than hard work in life. They take life as it comes and enjoys being in the moment. They don’t worry about what happens tomorrow or in the future.

So, these were some of the Latin quote texts that were decoded for you to know some major characteristics about your partner. Hopefully, it will help you to know them better.

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