Skin Numbing Methods for Laser Tattoo Removal

April 01, 2016   1424

There’s no denying fact that dermal procedures like laser tattoo removal are terribly painful. And because of this reason, people are afraid of undergoing such procedures, even when they need it the most. But, here we have something great for you. Read on to know more.

Skin Numbing Methods for Laser Tattoo RemovalIntroduction

One of the most common concerns for people who are undergoing laser tattoo removal is the extreme pain ofthe procedure.

While patients of tattoo removal have previously experienced the pain of getting inked, many of them still worry about the discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal.

However, the pain responses to laser tattoo removal vary greatly. While some say they felt the proceduresimilar to getting the tattoo, others say it hurts less and some say it hurts more.

A majority of tattoo removal providers or clinicians provide some form of skin numbing to people during their procedures. This helps them to reassure their patients that they are in good hands and that they’ve the means to make them as comfortable as possible.

So, here are a handful of options for the practitioner dedicated to the comfort of their patients.

  1. Skin Numbing Ice Pack

Heat and Cold packs have a deep association with pain. And ice packs are a surprisingly good selection for clinics to ease out that pain of laser tattoo removal.

Using ice packs as skin numbing alternative is easy and cost-efficient. A patient’s skin will be adequately gets numb to significantly improve the tattoo removal treatment experience within five or ten minutes of compression. Ice packs are a convenient andinexpensive option for clinics, particularlyfor those who have just started out in the field.


  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • No equipment investment
  • No post or pre restrictions


  • Tedious for High Volume Clinics
  • Cannot Numb During Procedure
  • Lower Perceived Value
  1. Topical Numbing Creams

Numbing creams are very much in trend these days. Be it getting the tattoo, body piercing, dermabrasion, waxing or laser tattoo removal, numbing creams are the top choice for people today.

Numbing creams usually contains a good anesthetic component in adequate percentage (5-10%). These are simple to apply and are very effective in numbing the skin area in no time. These creams can be obtained in low-strength, over-the-counter formulations and in high-strength, prescription-only formulations. People generally like topical creams and see some benefit from it.


Many clinics use numbing creams as their primary skin numbing method, while others offer it as an option available at an additional charge. These creams are applied over the skin 30-45 minutes prior to the skin procedure, however some of them have a numbing effect for 3-4 hours, like Dr. Numb.

There are two important considerations while choosing the right numbing cream: firstly, it should be FDA approved, and secondly, the chemical composition should be safe enough.



  • Works in Addition to Other Methods
  • Anyone Can Sell OTC Formulations
  • Effective


  • Must Be Applied in Advance
  1. Cold Air Machines

Cold air machines are in demand at all high volume tattoo removal clinics as they provide fast and convenient skin numbing for painful procedure. The best part is the cold air can be applied to the skin before, during, and after laser treatment.

This method is exceptionally reliable and is designed for use in busy practices. It primarily functions by emitting freezing cold airthrough a flexible hose.

People enjoy this method of cooling their skin, and it makes the practice seem more advanced than using ice packs.


  • Effective
  • Fast
  • Numbs During Procedure
  • Excellent for High Volume Clinics
  • Higher Perceived Value
  • Highly Reliable


  • Requires Equipment Purchase


Laser tattoo removal providers or clinicians depend on patients returning for follow-up sessions. Hence it is necessary that their patients feel comfortable and fearless while visiting their practice.

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