Essential Skin Care Tips after Getting a Tattoo

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Skin care is essential after getting a tattoo to keep infection and tattoo damage at a bay. Here we have listed essential skincare tips to follow after your tattoo.

Life after tattoo is not the same during your healing period. You have to takeEssential Skin Care after Tattoo care of your skin to avoid the risk of infection and tattoo fading. In other words, your fresh tattoo is the wound which requires care to heal. Sadly, some people don’t care about their tattoo, ending up with the tattoo damage and skin infection as well. This is why you must follow these skin care tips after getting a tattoo.

Use Antibacterial Soap to Clean Your Tattoo:

Use the antibacterial and soft soap to clean your tattoo 3-4 times a day. It minimizes the risk of infection and bacteria. Be careful with your tender skin and avoid scrubbing, instead, splash water and soap onto the tattooed area. Pat it dry with clean towel or a soft, non-abrasive paper towel.

Keep Your Tattoo Moist:

Dryness makes your tattoos prone to scabbing which can spoil the design. Therefore, apply a good quality of moisturizer or lubricant daily in order to keep it moisturized. Make sure to apply the moisturizer sparingly as dabbing it straight on the tattoo will not let your tattoo breathe.

Don’t Pick Your Scabs:

Few days after your tattooing, you notice a thin layer of skin developing over your tattoo spot. Don’t fret. It is absolutely normal process. So, don’t pick and scratch it. Remember, your tattoo is very sensitive and you may damage it by scratching or picking it open.

Protect it From Sun:

You must protect your tattoo from the direct sun exposure to avoid the risk of ink fading. Use SPF30 every time you step out in the sun. You must use sunscreen even on cloudy days when the UV rays are more intense. In this way, you can make your tattoo look bright and beautiful.

Avoid Swimming and Hot Tubs:

You can take bath after tattooing. But avoid it submerging for longer time as it can lead to ink loss. Therefore, you must avoid swimming or hot tub baths for the first two weeks after tattooing. Remove the soap and shampoo on your tattoo quickly with water.

So, these are the essential skincare tips you must follow after having a tattoo for some days. You may find them inconvenient in starting, but in the long run they are beneficial for the life of your tattoo.


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