Septum Piercing: Some Facts You Must Know!

January 29, 2016   2091

Both men and women keeps on waiting for something new to arrive in the fashion world. In the same race, septum piercing has earned special attention these days. If you are also planning for something similar, here is deep insight on the same. You must read them!

Septum Piercing FactsAre you among those who can travel behind fashion up to any extent? If yes, what about having a septum piercing this time? Piercing is one of the most famous forms of body arts. It is of various types and after ear piercing, septum one is the most widely selected form, people use to flaunt their unique style.

As the name suggests, septum piercing is located in the septum, i.e. the cartilage which separates your nostrils. Well, you have decided to make it a part of your style, it is important you know all about it. Let’s find out some less known facts about this type of piercing:

Right Size:

Septum PiercingAs such there is no perfect size. However, there are number of factors you must consider before you go for piercing. It can be your face size, the space between your nose and upper lips, type of jewelry you wish to adorn and much more. Overlooking these factors can lead you to several problems. For example, if your lips are closer to the nose, you need to go for small size and a small ring. Going for big will neither be comfortable nor look beautiful.

Ideal for all:


Saying that it is just for females will be unfair. Piercing is a body art, and yes, it is meant for both, men and women, equally. It looks stunning on women and voguish on men, helping them to shows their dangerous side. Hence, you can pull it out no matter what ever your style is.

Your Favorite Celebrities Love It:Septum Piercing-Dr Numb

A number of stars from different corner of world went for septum ring and certainly, it looks fabulous on all.

Celebrity - Septum Piercing

• Rihanna:

Being a true fashionista, she has always been known for her unique fashion sense. And the way she has been promoting her small thorn septum ring is amazing. She proudly wears it as a great facial accessory and it truly complements her style.

• Lady Gaga:

Another fashion icon who is known for her style and songs both. She has been seen flaunting her style wearing her septum rings. She keeps on changing it frequently and has worn several shapes and colors till date.

• Jessica Biel, Jordin Sparks, Jasmine Sanders, FKA Twigs, Amber Rose, Victoria Justice and many more are there in the list.

Tribal Is In Trend:

Septum Piercing Style

Just like the tribal tattoos are getting popular day by day, the tribal septum ring is the one that is been viewed as a popular emerging style. Everyone seems to be obsessed with this style of piercing. You can pick it varying choices including silver, copper and gold.

No fear for scars:

Septum Piercing Trend

Another great thing about this style of piercing is that if you get sick of wearing it, you can go for easy removal. You just need to remove the jewelry carefully, and it is done. In addition, when you decide to remove the piercing, you don’t need to fear for the scar. Hidden in the nostrils, it is not visible at all. Because of the specific location, the hole will close itself after sometime, depending on the size and how longer you had it.

Healing Time:

Septum Piercing Safety

When it is about healing duration, it strictly depends from person to person and size of the pierce. Usually it takes from 4 to 8 weeks, or more in some cases. As far as pain is considered, it generally goes away after 3 weeks of piercing. If you wish to reduce the healing time, it is important to follow the aftercare instructions well.

Unless the healing process is completely over, don’t change the septum ring.

Wash the affected area twice a day with salty water.

Avoid wearing makeup near the pierced area.

Don’t take your nose ring in and out repeatedly.

Say no to smoking, tobacco and drinking for the time being.

Be gentle while drying your face.

So, with these you can go with septum piercing. You can try any, captive beads or circular barbells as the initial jewelry, and later change it as per your comfort!

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