Scar camouflage: Get Your Mark Tattooed Forever

July 09, 2017   651

Are you really worried for those hard to remove scars which you? Now you have an opportunity to get rid of your scars in an efficient manner. Find out details about scar camouflage.Scar camouflage Get Your Mark Tattooed Forever

SCARS…even the word sounds terrible. Isn’t it?

If you are dealing with any scars, caused during some medical procedures, or due to burns, accidents, trauma, or congenital anomalies, you must have tried all those home remedies to remove it. But, honestly, these are here to stay longer.

But that doesn’t mean you need to stay with them like this forever. It is understood that these scars and stretch marks can reduce one’s self-confidence. Do you know by spending few extra bucks you can enhance your body’s appearance?

Yes, it is a medical procedure called scar camouflage and it is the recent trend to cover up scars or stretch marks. Whether it is due to a burn or an accidents, your scar can be covered with this technique, hence, improve the appearance of your skin significantly.  

Defining Scar camouflage…

Basically, skin or scar camouflage is a tattooing technique which can be done with different colors of flesh tone pigments. With the main motto to disguise a scar or skin area this tattoo technique fills the missing pigment or color in the required area It is popular with others names like Skin Repigmentation, Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC), Camouflage Tattooing, Corrective Camouflage, or Skin Color Tattooing.

Being a specialized permanent cosmetics procedure, it comes under the category of Medical or Paramedical Tattooing. Hence, you need to understand that going for scar camouflage doesn’t mean you can get it done by just any tattoo artist. You will need a person who his well equipped with this advanced knowledge, has undergone expert training, and is skillful and experienced in permanent cosmetics.

How Scar Camouflage Can Help You? 

As stated it can reduce the appearance of the scar to some extent. For those scars which are long-lasting and can never be completely invisible, this technique will help you covering it in a way that it doesn’t appear awkward.

Actually, the scars on your body vary as per the location, skin color, size, shape, and depth. Now as per the location and depth, scars have to be treated. This means while there will be some scars which can be treated with a single medical procedure, and then there will be others which would take multiple treatments. The scar tissues have thinner skin, and the natural characteristic of scar tissue cannot be changed. But yes, the scars can be made less visible with help of scar camouflage.

How Scar Camouflage Differs From Tattooing?

The major difference between normal tattooing and skin color tattooing is that the latter technique employs the skin tone micro pigments which tend to fade over a number of years.

It doesn’t make use of harsh colors. It will be required to give a few touch-ups over the time to maintain their appearance.

The only thing common between the two processes is the pain caused. But the solution is right here. Dr. Numb, one of the best topical anesthetic creams which can be bought over the counter without any difficulty. Just take it along and get painless scar camouflage.

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