Rock Your 2017 With These Feminine Tattoo Designs

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Actually, women need to pick tattoo designs which are sensitive and ladylike, and they must have a special symbolic value to pass on the thoughts and feelings of the person who is getting tattooed.Rock Your 2017 With These Feminine Tattoo Designs

Here are some of the most popular and trendy tattoo designs for women, which will rock the year ahead;

Floral Tattoos for Women

Flowers are a standout amongst the most excellent and the best creation of nature, just like females. They are a symbol of love, fascination, innocence, and purity, which can be the perfect decision for tattoo designs in ladies.  Probably the most famous floral designs are the ones which bear flowers like rose, sunflowers, lotus, daffodil, and cherry flowers.

Butterfly Tattoos for Women

Like flower designs, butterflies as well, make a standout amongst the most famous design components for female tattoo ideas. These lovely little flies add color and splendor to life as they catch attention wherever they go. Likewise, a lady who will have this vivid butterfly tattoo will undoubtedly be the center of attraction wherever she goes. Mostly, they are inked with attractive colors with a blend of flower designs.

Tribal Tattoos for Women

Tribal tattoos have been rich in legend and history, notwithstanding being venerated for their astonishing and shining plans. Many tribal designs highlight age-old tribal components, for example, the Dreamcatcher and feathers. The dreamcatcher has been conveyed forward in tribal tattoo art as an image of good dreams and positive thinking and ladies love to have the trendy designs scratched on them till date.

Heart Tattoos for Women

Heart is a symbol of affection and enthusiasm and this is the reason hearts have made a vital place in ladylike tattoo designs as ladies love to express their feelings and there is no preferable approach to do that over to show at least a bit of heart tattoo inked. Heart tattoos can include the name of their friends and family or some special quotes which they might want to express and make the design more meaningful.

Zodiac Tattoos for Women

Some ladies may get a kick out of the chance to pick zodiac tattoos, which are picked on the basis of her zodiac sign. These tattoos define the general characteristics of a specific zodiac sign which they are connected as well and are used by ladies to draw out their identity and in addition state of mind.

Bird Tattoos for Women

Birds refers to opportunity, freedom, and todays women are well defining this. She needs to be a free flying creature and live as she needs to. This is the motivation behind why bird tattoos are making a standout amongst the most well-known selections of tattoos among the ladies of today.

Note: Ask your doctor to numb the area with the best numbing cream, before the start of the tattoo process.


These are some of the popular feminine designs that are going to rock the year ahead. All depends on you that which design, body part, and tattoo parlor you choose.

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