Rib Cage Tattoos: Designs and Considerations for Men & Women

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Are you planning to get a rib cage tattoo designs inked on your body? If yes, you are thinking right as the rib cage tattoos have turned into an extremely famous place to complete . But, it is not the most effortless place to complete a tattoo. It can be excruciating and troublesome for the artist to get the design perfectly.Rib Cage Tattoos Designs and Considerations for Men & Women

That doesn’t mean that you should shy away from a rib cage tattoo, but it means you should deliberately consider what you need to get before hopping into it.

Rib Cage Tattoo Designs for Men

A standout amongst the most widely renowned designs for men is script or words. Design could be either in old English or a super cool written font with a lot of swills and much more additions to make it resemble like famous clothing company.

Normally, you need something that has a strong line and is a bold font. This is picking up quickly in popularity and if you have a word or short saying that has constantly held importance in your life then you might need to consider this tattoo. Different ideas for men tattoos are crosses, winged serpents, swords and even tribal designs.

Rib Cage Tattoo Designs for Women

Of course, we all know that women have a lot of choices as compared to men. Many pick quotes or texts as their tattoo designs like a lyric or a text with whirls that looks more feminine. They normally pick fonts with a better line and more detail to it than male designs.

But, there are numerous different choices, for example, cherry blossoms, flowers, Hawaiian hibiscus, and even swallows or old fashioned nautical stars.

Important consideration

Since the rib cage bones are close to the skin, it will be really painful as compared to other tattoo designs where there is more greasy tissue. So, it is vital to set yourself up.

That doesn’t mean oddity out and avoid the tattoo all together, it just means plan it out precisely and follow these steps to lessen the pain level.

  • Breathing is the most important want to work through pain. Breathing constantly will make you pain less as holding your breath and tightening your body will just make it more painful while tattooing.
  • Bring something in your mind to distract yourself so that you don’t feel the pain. Many people tune in to music and a few indulge in conversation session.
  • Take short breaks during the session. Ask your tattoo artist to stop for a while if it’s really painful, this can ease your pain little bit.
  • If it is paining a lot while tattooing, you can do it in multiple sessions as well. Like stop and return back after an hour or two.

Also, if you are prepared for your rib tattoo and have an extraordinary design or idea, then you should go for it. Mull over the above tips to help you decrease or manage the pain in the simplest way.


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