Removing the Dead Skin Cells Without Letting Them Know

August 24, 2015   977

Whether the temperature is high or low, hair removal is the need of both women and men. No one loves those growing hair on their body. But, to keep them off your skin is definitely not an easy task. Check out here how you can keep it pain free!

Removing the Dead skin cells without letting them know

Waxing- yes, it hurts! But, in order to have a flawless skin, it is hard to skip your waxing sessions. Whether you are going it for first time or had already been to the parlor number of times, the level of pain remains almost same. However, that doesn’t mean you should keep away from flaunting your soft and smooth skin. You love to do so, and you must go for it.

Fortunately, there are various techniques which can make the process easier and pain free than ever. Want to know them; here is a list of things you must try:

Washing To Prepare:

Preparing your body is essential task before you go for waxing. Thus, make sure you properly wash out the areas you want to get waxed. You can use a mild liquid soap for this. And if you have already applied some kind of moisturizer or cream on the specific area, cleaning becomes more necessary. The reason being, the treatment becomes more difficult and painful as the hair takes longer to come out. And there are chances that you need to use the wax strips and razor repeatedly, which will definitely leave you shouting out of pain.

Keep It taut:

Remember, when you go for waxing it is important to hold the skin taut. Else it will be difficult to strip and will cause greater amount of pain. In addition, keep in mind that you never peel the strip back in the same direction as of the hair growth. Doing so, you will land up causing red bumps and more pain. Instead, try to apply pressure to the waxed area, it will relieve you significantly.

Underarms need more attention:

There is no doubt that removing hair from underarms is the most painful part. While you are doing so, make sure you are extra careful. Actually, the hair in underarms tends to be coarser. Also they grow in different directions. Hence, while waxing you should do it in two parts, i.e. top and bottom sections.

Numbness Is A Solution:

One of the best ways to eliminate pain from the waxing process, especially in the areas like bikini line, is using a numbing solution. Nowadays, a number of numbing gels and creams are available. You can consult the professionals or try any safe cream like Dr. Numb. Just apply on the area before your waxing appointment and feel relaxed. Basically, the cream makes the area numb, blocking the pain signals and making waxing ouch-free.

Say ‘No’ To Shaving:

Waxing is little painful. But that doesn’t mean you should go for ruthless methods like shaving. It will make your hair grow denser than ever. Also, there are rare chances to get it done perfect in the first attempt. The razor you use can cause severe cut and lead to bleeding. Hence, trying it on sensitive parts should be strictly prohibited. Regular waxing will make your skin smooth. So, trying shaving is not advisable.

Expert Aid Is The Best Way:

Waxing is a hair removal process, which needs to be carried under expert’s supervision. It required sufficient experience to be done flawlessly. Hence, unless you are quite an expert, do not even think of waxing your body on your own. Else, you will be messing up the things for yourself. Without knowing the right technique can lead to several problems like skin issues, like rashes, redness, bumps, itchiness, etc.

Going for Brazilian- Be Careful!

Brazilian waxing is well-known form of waxing and it causes severe pain. Hence, if you are going for it you need some extra preparation. You can go for some yoga poses; it will make you more flexible and make things quite easier. It will cut down the time of waxing. Thus, you will have to bear pain for less time.

Waxing is surely one of the most effective ways to get rid of body hair. But, if this process seems to be painful, the above mentioned tips will be of great use to reduce the pain you experienced earlier!

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