Reduce The Pain Of Wart Removal With Dr Numb

November 20, 2015   1622

Wart is a skin imperfection caused due to HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. It is a rough growth of skin and appears as a solid blister. Warts are harmless till they don’t affect your routine life.

Reduce-The-Pain-Of-Wart Removal With Dr Numb

Warts can occur at any body part and they can even be transferred from one person to another through skin contact. Since this is a contagious skin infection it becomes important to remove it from the skin.

One of the very common wart removal method is laser therapy. This technology can help you to get rid of this skin outgrowth.  In Laser wart removal process an intense light beam is used to burn away the area of the wart. This kills the virus and cuts off the blood supply to the virus. Although it’s not a full-proof method to destroy warts but if the laser is able to successful kill the virus then it nullifies the chances of warts outgrowth on the same area again in future.

When Is Laser Therapy Used?

Your doctor will recommend laser treatment only when all other wart removal therapies will fail. There are many natural remedies for wart removal as well. But if all of them fail to work you will have to switch to laser treatments for wart removal. In some cases like pregnancy women are usually advised to receive laser treatment for wart removal than using wart medicines or wart creams.

Using A Numbing Cream For Laser Wart Removal

Many doctors suggest use of numbing creams for reducing pain due to laser wart removal treatment instead of large anesthetics.  Earlier ice and chill gels were applied over the area before the treatment. But now with rising popularity and convenient use of topical numbing cream, many doctors prefer to use them.

Following are the advantages of using Dr numb cream for wart removal.

Painless process– using a numbing cream makes the laser treatment totally painless. People who are highly sensitive to pain can easily get the treatment don’t within few minutes.

Safe and effective procedure: Dr Numb has been proven safe and effective for wart removal. It is used by doctors and artists all over the world for giving their clients a painless skin treatment.

How To Use Dr Numb Cream?

Dr Numb can be bought from your local pharmacy or eve bought online. The procedure to use it is simple.

You just have to apply the cream an hour before the procedure. Next you have to cover the skin with saran wrap. This will allow the cream to get absorbed in the skin properly. Don’t remove the cream till you feel the numbness or ask your aesthetician for proper instructions.

The numbing will last for about two hours which is good enough for the procedure to complete successfully.

The good thing is you don’t have to worry about the credibility of Dr numb as it contains the safe amount of lidocaine(anesthetic) as recommended by FDA. So, now you can happily go for your wart removal procedure without fearing pain.

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