Reasons Why You Should Never Regret a Tattoo

January 08, 2016   5575

When it comes to the awesome art, tattoo regret is the other side of the coin; however, it depends on your attitude towards your tattoo. For instance, if all of your tattoos revolve around your love relations, surely you’re going to regret them!


The problem is many people get new tats on a whim without giving much thought to it and as a consequence end up regretting it later. Not only this, such issues are increasing than ever, with 25% of those tattooed, feeling regret.

There are many reasons why people get tattoo on their body and it could also be for no reason at all but for fun. The key to not regretting a tattoo is always the same – it’s all how you look at it.

1. Think before You Ink – Probably, the easiest solution or a great advice. Simply ask yourself, “Why am I getting tattooed? Why did you decided to choose that particular subject? You have to consider a couple of things before making final decision. If you’re a person with deep thoughts and give everything a meaning, do not get a meaningless tattoo because for sure, you’ll end up hating it.

2. Location – Are you a kind of person who gets bored very easily? If yes, this is for you. It’s better for them to choose the body area carefully. Get a tattoo where you can’t see it: at the back, side of your thighs, back of your arm, back of your neck, behind your ears, shoulders.

3. State Of Mind – What tattoo means to you? How do you take the art of tattooing? The right way to think is that you’re getting a tat for a reason, and that reason is absolutely valid in that moment. Understand this well that whatever be the reason behind your tattoo, it was due to the impact of a moment. Hence, even if in 20 years that reason will mean nothing to you, that don’t change the fact that it was important in the first place. For instance, if you got an Eiffel Tower tattoo to remind you of your trip to Paris what’s there to regret when you turn 50 and it looks bizarre? It had a special reason once. If you’ve this state of mind, you can keep it through the years, without the need to regret it ever.

4. Check For Spellings – This is something off-beat but an important consideration. If you get a tattoo with a wrong spelling, probably you’ll regret it the moment you get it. It’s better to get inked by a professional and experience before checking the grammar and spellings.

5. Don’t Be Scared! – Don’t feel anxious about getting the tattoo you desire so badly. Do you know that 86% of tattooed American people do not regret their tattoos? At the end of the day, it’s just a tattoo, it doesn’t affect your health or personality, it won’t impair your judgment and even won’t make you any less of what you are now.

What To Do If You Have Tattoo Regret Depression?

Did you know that there’s a disorder that makes you hate a part of your body so much people get it chopped off? This is called body integrity identity disorder, commonly can be referred to as tattoo regret depression. The principle here is: you’ve got something on your body and if you end up hating it so much, the only solution is to remove it. However, this isn’t the right solution. Instead, you can save your money and learn to hide the tattoos under make-up. Lastly, if you’re just fed up or don’t feel good about your tattoo anymore, think about covering it with a new tattoo. Make sure to think hard about it because if you do this, removing two layers of tattoos will be quite hard!

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