7 Reasons To Choose Microneedling For Youthful Skin

April 26, 2017   493

Are you looking forward to microneedling process? Well, it makes a good alternate to those expensive and unhealthy skin care methods. Find out some exclusive benefits of the process here.7 Reasons To Choose Microneedling For Youthful Skin

Do you want to look young always?

Of course, the answer would be YES, right?

Well, aging is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with those signs of aging. Definitely, you can bid a good bye to those. How?

It is possible with micro needling. The process works basically on the Collagen Induction Therapy and it is a medical breakthrough which leads to production of collagen. And the best thing about this process is that it produces great results without causing injury to the top layer of your skin.

Explore some of the major benefits here:

  1. Facial Rejuvenation: With help of micro needling you can significantly improve a number of skin conditions on the face. As it includes production of natural collagen and elastin, it helps reducing wrinkles, Crow’s feet, fine lines, and even sagging or thinning of skin. After a series of micro needling treatments you will get tighten and thicken skin with reduced signs of aging.
  2. Neck Rejuvenation: Why only your face, but even your neck needs rejuvenation. Using this method will tighten loose skin around the neck and help cutting down on the appearance of sun damaged skin on your neck.
  3. Minimize Scars: Over the passage of time, it has proved to improve, and even diminish different types of scarring. Hence, if you are dealing with acne or surgical scarring, with micro needling you can break up old scar tissues and stimulate the production of new collagen leading to new, healthy skin.
  4. Hand Rejuvenation: Along with the neck and face, your hands are also the first places to show signs of aging. And micro need ling is one such process which can improve skin appearance on your hands easily. It triggers elastin and collagen growth, on the other hand eliminates sun spots.
  5. Reduce Stretch Marks: No doubt stretch marks are generally harder to treat. But their appearance can be minimized. Yes, all you need is a series of micro needling treatments. It will then break down the stretch mark tissue, and then the renewed collagen will reduce and fade the stretch marks over time.
  6. Treats Hyper-pigmentation: It might be due to presence of acne, wounds or overexposure to the sun. There can be many reasons why you are suffering hyper-pigmentation. But when it comes to solution, it is none other than micro needling. It will help shed the top layer of skin and leave you with a more even complexion and fewer photo-aging.
  7. Soothe Rosacea: Generally caused by hypersensitivity of the blood vessels in your face, Rosacea can minimize collagen in the skin. And there are several contributing factors to this skin condition. Hence, micro needling by producing a significant amount of collagen acts on the hypersensitive blood vessels and decrease the redness.

So, you can use it to treat a multitude of skin conditions. Just remember one thing; it causes a little amount of pain. Yes, it can be painful, but don’t worry! You can switch to Dr. Numb, a local anesthetic cream which carries 5% lidocaine and is certified by FDA. It can make the process painless and relaxing. Hence, you can enjoy pain-free micro needling!


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