How Can Q-Switched Laser Help Get Rid Of Unwanted Tattoo?

May 08, 2017   757

You might have heard about laser tattoo removal process. And there must be many doubts regarding the process, right? Don’t be in a doubtful state. Learn about the process and technique in detail before you go for it.How Can Q-Switched Laser Help Get Rid Of Unwanted Tattoo

Are you dealing with tattoo regret? Cannot bear that old tattoo design anymore?

Thankfully, in the modern era, it is possible to root out tattoo ink permanently. How? Simply, with the help of laser removal process!

How laser removal process works?

Not every laser will work for removal process. There is a special laser called ‘Q-Switched laser’ which is used, and it offers outstanding results to significantly lighten or remove tattoo inks. The good thing is that laser tattoo removal treatment is a safe and effective alternative. Yes, neither it causes severe pain as in the case of slicing tattoo removal nor it is very slow like cream removal. Being a non-invasive solution, it turns out to be a perfect solution to have tattoos removed non-surgically.

The Q-Switched laser works effectively for dark tattoo inks. Whether black or blue, it can remove all sorts of ink colors. However, you should expect to go for several treatments to achieve the expected results.

What are the key advantages of q-switched lasers?

When it comes to safe and effective way of removing tattoos, these are a prominent choice. Now tattoos are no longer forever. It is understood that tattoos have become extremely popular over the past decade, but there are still good chances for you to go through tattoo regret.

Hence, if you are no more interested in retaining that act of self-expression, identity, and sometimes rebellion, which you got inked years ago, these lasers are helpful. Why?

  • It is the safest device to remove unwanted tattoos
  • It offers an effective treatment for dark tattoo inks (black and blue)
  • It caters dramatic results after several treatments

Is laser tattoo removal treatment painful?

Well, it will depend on the threshold of discomfort which is different for every person. However, most people can tolerate Q-Switched tattoo removal treatment, but it might be a little painful for few. Thought the majority of patients require no anesthesia, yet you can keep a topical anesthetic along for painless treatment. It is a good option for sensitive areas.

Dr. Numb is one such numbing solution which you can use for this purpose. It is a FDA certified product and carries 5% lidocaine. Blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings, it causes numbing sensation for 3 to 4 hours. And it is a sufficient time to undergo a laser session.

So, now you can go tattoo removal without fear of pain, isn’t that something you have been yearning for?

Lastly, consult your physician beforehand to make sure that everything goes well.

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