Is it possible to get rid of tattoo (Find out how)

May 08, 2017   684

Today, more than ever, people are running behind tattoo parlours in an effort to express themselves. But with the rising popularity of tattooing, there is also increasing the number of people with tattoo regret. If you are one of them, and want to get rid of your ink, here is something you need to know about removal processes.Is it possible to get rid of tattoo (Find out how)

Do you have a tattoo engraved on your body which you got a few years back and are no more in love with it?

Want to get rid of that old and unwanted tattoo design? Well, tattoo removal is the solution to put that tattoo off your body. What?

Have no idea on how to go about it? Don’t worry!

Here are the three most common solutions you need to know:

Get rid of Tattoo with Laser Removal Process

Being the latest and most efficient solution, this is a preferred choice of people looking for tattoo removal. Hence, if you have make up your mind to get ink off totally, you can count on laser tattoo removal procedure. While it is less painful, it offers best results.

And in case you doubt on the safety of this laser procedure, you can consult some experts for better guidance. As far as pain is concerned, you can switch to any local topical anesthetic like Dr. Numb. It carries 5% lidocaine which is efficient to cut down pain and produce numbness.

Remove your tattoo with creams

There are a number of tattoo removal creams available these days. The major drawback with these creams is that these work too slowly. Actually, it forces the skin to break down and gradually peel away. Of course, it forces the skin to age prematurely, causing the tattoo to fade away.

Another bad news is that the majority of these creams involve harsh chemicals. So, these are quite damaging for your skin which forces it to break down on regular application. Some people report that the feel of applying a tattoo removal cream on their body was similar to that of lying on the sun for whole day. And something which would end up leaving a sunburn!

The only benefit of going with the method is that it is least expensive.

Tattoo Removal with Slicing and Dicing

These method works for those who adorn lighten or small tattoos and want to get rid of it. Here you need to know that it works in certain stages of excision. Yes, your tattoo will be sliced piece by piece by a licensed surgeon. While it is painful process, it can also lead to permanent scarring.

In case, you have larger tattoos, and want it to removed surgically, you can get it done through a technique called tissue expansion. In this case, the flesh and body are inflated placing a balloon under the skin. And over a period of time, when the skin slowly stretches, the ink is finally is cut out.

So, no more you need to live with the tattoo regret. Just choose your method and be tattoo-free!

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