These Piercing Facts Can Keep You Out of Trouble…

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Are you considering having a piercing done? If so, you are not alone. Nowadays many people are going gaga over this form of body art. However, it is important for you to learn about some facts about piercing before you get it done.These Piercing Facts Can Keep You Out of Trouble…

In the world of fashion, body piercing is a very popular method to modify body and it has a lot more to offer. You can look even more beautiful with those massive stocks of styles and jewellery, specifically designed for the fashion savvy people.

But before you get enticed with all such things, it is important to know that piercing is not a simple job. In order to get the best thing possible, here are some facts to consider:

The countless myths about aftercare!

It doesn’t imply that everything you have heard from people about the aftercare is wrong. But unfortunately, a lot of misinformation is passed along which can seriously leave you in trouble. Hence, if you wish to have right aftercare instructions, you must seek a professional piercer for the advice.

Metal jewellery will not stick to skin!

People are often confused among the two, embedding and sticking. In case of piercings, embedding refers to the skin which has begun to heal over the jewellery, and on the other hand sticking means that the jewellery is adhering. Hence, if you are in a fix, thinking that your jewellery is sticking and you have to move it around, you need to know that it is impossible for metal to stick to skin.

Learn about the piercing guns!

It is different from the traditional methods. Unlike getting pierced with a hollow needle, the gun used a stud to pierce. In this case, stud is not too sharp and it actually displaces your tissue. Hence, if not done by an expert the chances of developing a scar tissue are greater. Moreover, at times, it is almost impossible to avoid damage. The guns are harder to sterilise and improper sterilisation can expose you to some nasty bacteria.

Don’t play with the word “infection”!

When it is about piercing, it is easy to assume that your piercing is infected. People often relate hurting, oozing, itching, etc. with infection. Don’t quickly jump to the conclusion that your piercing is infected. However, if it is extremely irritated or paining, it might mimic an infection.

Know about the prices!

With the increase in popularity of piercing, you will easily get a number of artists performing it at cheap rates. Don’t get enticed with those taglines stating, ‘Get A Cheap Piercing Done Now’ or something similar. Always ensure that you get a piercing done from a respectable and professional shop. They might charge you a bit more, but it will be fruitful in long run.

Say no to pain!

It can be a painful process for those with lower threshold. If you are among those, you can choose any topical anaesthetic cream to make it painless. Dr. Numb can be a reliable option. It consist of 5% lidocaine and essential oils, which are significant in producing numbness and reducing pain up to great extent.

 So, now whenever you plan to have your body pierced, make sure you consider these points and step ahead.

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