Permanent makeup: Fighting Age Gracefully Is Now Possible!

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If you have been looking for a wonderful alternative which helps you stay beautiful in the long run, permanent makeup is the answer. Especially, for those suffering from some illness, injury or allergies, which constraint them from conventional makeup, this method is a blessing. Learn about the process in detail.

Permanent makeup Fighting Age Gracefully Is Now Possible

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Makeup has always been close to a woman’s heart. It helps them look beautiful and attractive.

But it is not possible for you to be every time makeup ready, right?

What happens the day when you get up late in the morning and don’t have time to apply your eyeliner, lip color, etc.? The entire day you are worried for your looks, isn’t it? And this is not only with you; it happens to most of the working women.

Similarly, there are some who are allergic to makeup stuff. Yes, the same beauty products which help you feel on top of your day, can lead to irritated skin or an allergic reaction. The symptoms can vary anywhere from swelling, redness, itching, to hives.

Thankfully, to all such problems, there is a more permanent solution. Cosmetic tattoos or permanent makeup is answer to all your queries. Whether you want to treat those block-shaped tattoo eyebrows or a fussed up with the smudging lip color, you can cure several issues with this new method.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Also referred to as micro-pigmentation, it is basically a procedure which includes micro insertions of pigment onto the dermal layer of the skin. As far as the most common applications are concerned, it is for the eyebrows, lips, and eye liner.

It is often compared to normal tattooing process. However the difference is that instead of getting it done at a tattoo parlor, it will be done at either a cosmetic surgery practice or a medical spa. Why? The reason is quite obvious; centers have the necessary experts to guarantee your safety and satisfaction. Plus, they are licensed and experienced enough to handle your skin.

What To Know Before The Appointment?

Make sure you start researching on the places where you can get it done. Check for some reviews, on internet or ask someone who has undergone the treatment. You can also ask for before and after pictures.

Secondly, you must look for the cleanliness and sterilization standards followed. The office should be extremely sterile to assure that you’re in good hands. For instance, they should be using one-way needle. This means that the needles which arrive in pre-packaged and sanitized form from the company should be used.

Thirdly, before the procedure you need to have a consultation. It is vital for you to describe all of your insecurities, concerns, and what you expect to be solved with cosmetic tattooing, to your practitioner. He will answer your queries and if you are satisfied, you might proceed.

How Does It Work?

Generally, the process starts with sketching the client’s face prior to laying ink. And it is advised that you must arrive for your appointment a half hour early so that the appropriate numbing measures can be taken.

Here it is worth noticing that it can be painful. Yes, ink is inserted using tiny needles, so it will pain. But that can be controlled using a topical anesthetic like Dr. Numb. It is a FDA approved numbing cream which when applied to the skin produces a numbing sensation for three to four hours. Hence, you can undergo the treatment without any fear for the pain.

Next the practitioners can also etch indelible eyebrow outlines to reduce the chance of your eyebrows being partially removed on accident. Usually, it is not much time taking process, inking can take somewhere around 20 minutes, for simple eyeliner, and it can extend up to an hour when you are treating eye brows or the entire lip.

Here’s a sneak peek at how the treatment work for different parts;


Kindly don’t confuse it with microblading technique. During permanent makeup process for brows, a hair stroke technique is done by needling in individual hairs to create a natural-looking full shape. There are some experts who prefer working with a single needle in a row to create amazing, crisp, and beautiful hair strokes. Sometimes, this is also referred to as micro-stroke technique.


Perfect eyeliner is hard to apply, but not with this method. Actually, in case of permanent treatment lash enhancement is focused. This means, it involves implanting the pigment between the lashes which leads to creation of a fuller effect over a harsh line.

While it follows the natural shape of the eye, it will be placed in a way that it appears a little thicker on the outer corners and getting thinner when moving inward. So now you can wake up in the morning without looking tired.


With the growing ages, your skin starts losing its pigment around their lips. Thus, the pink fades away and it is here when permanent makeup comes into play. You practitioner will try to match the natural pink color on the inside portion of your bottom lip. Besides, you can also get the color of your choice inked in a more permanent manner.

In case, you have very thin lips, there’s the possibility to make the lips look slightly larger.

What To Expect After The Appointment?

The good thing about this treatment is that there isn’t much downtime associated. However, your lips might get slightly swollen immediately after the process, your lash line may become a bit red, and your brows can appear pretty dark. But these are instant effects and with the passage of time, it will become normal and more graceful.

The results can last anywhere from a year and a half to three years. Meanwhile, you need to be careful with the product you use on your skin. Reason being, if you use products which consist of retinol, vitamin C, or hydroquinone, these can fade the brows and lips faster.

Lastly, if it is about recovery, it can be anywhere between three to seven days. Just make sure you follow your doctor’s prescription and advice strictly.

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