Permanent Hair Removal – Is It Possible?

December 02, 2016   943

Excess of hair troubles you? Are you looking for some efficient ways to keep your skin hair- free? You will benefit reading out here.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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You might have tried your hands on waxing to get rid of those bunches of extra hair from your skin. And you must know that it never leaves you with permanent results.

So, tired of constantly checking with the parlour appointments and keeping a count on the amount of unwanted hair growth on your body? Do you wish for a solution which is more permanent? Well, if you don’t want to yell using with any sort of temporary measures, including waxing or shaving or hair removal creams, you need to learn about the permanent solution to remove unwanted hair.

So here is an insight about the more permanent hair removing options which not only get rid of hair at once but for a much longer period.

Laser Removal – Remove body hair forever!

Are you familiar with the term laser? Basically, the word stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiance- LASER.

Actually, hair removal technology doesn’t use a laser. In fact, an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is used to absorb the melanin in the hair. Working with the application of selective photothermolysis, the beam of light is meant to destroy (or disable) the hair follicles and stop it from producing fresh hair, that too without harming the skin around the hair. As the light is absorbed by dark objects, it is said that only dark hair can be removed using laser hair removal technology. It is not efficient for the light hair.

Some facts about laser treatment

The first and foremost thing, laser treatment requires repeated visits. How many? Now the number of visits can be determined considering different factors such as the amount of hair to be removed, the color of your hair, the location of the hair, shade of your skin, and so on.

Additionally, if you wish to want laser treatment to be most effective, go for it when the hair treated are in their growing stage. Moreover, the area to be treated needs to be free from ointments, creams, cosmetics, etc.

Laser hair removal results are never the same. It will greatly depend on how well-trained the technician performing is, what type of laser is used, and the kind of hair.

You need to know that dark hair absorbs more laser energy than the lighter ones. Similarly, light skin absorbs less of laser energy as compared to dark skin. So, hair on light skin is easier to treat.

About the results:

Referring laser treatment as a permanent hair removal option will not be 100% truthful. However, a realistic result of laser treatments certainly causes a permanent reduction in the amount of visible hair.

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