Permanent Hair Removal – Is there any option?

January 12, 2017   859


Summary: Are you tired of making bookings at the local parlors for waxing? You might be searching for a permanent hair removal solution, right? Well, then here is something important for you. Read on.Permanent Hair Removal

Threading, waxing, and shaving… so you have tried your hands on everything. But nothing appeals you now, or simply, you need a more permanent hair removal option.

The constant amount of unwanted hair growth on your body is a disturbing thing. And then in between of your hectic schedule, you need to take out time for visiting the parlor. It is definitely not easy. Other alternates like using the razor at least 3 times a month, just to wear that favorite dress of yours; will not make a feasible solution.

Do you wish there was some more permanent solution?

Let’s have a look at the some permanent hair removing options;

Laser- say bye to body hair!

You might be familiar with the term laser. It is a hair removal technology which actually doesn’t use a laser. Yes, it works on IPL therapy in which intense pulsed light is absorbed by melanin in the hair. The entire process works with the application of selective photo thermolysis, i.e. the beam of light destroys hair follicles. If not destroy, it would at least disables the follicles from producing fresh hair, and that too without harming the skin around the hair.

As the light is absorbed greatly by dark objects, the process is apt for dark hair. Yes, laser hair removal technology might leave you those with light colored hair. Another thing you need to know about this type of treatment is that laser treatment usually requires repeated visits.

Yes, if you think that it will require just one sitting, you are probably wrong. The number of visits will be determined by the amount of hair to be removed, and other factors like the shade of your skin, the color of your hair, the location of the hair, and few more.

What are the factors to consider before LASER treatment?

  • Whenever you plan for laser hair removal, you need to know that for best results you have to look for a well-trained technician. He should be well-versed with kind of hair and the type of laser to be used.
  • Remember, dark hair absorbs more laser energy than light hair. Hence, if you have dark hair, you are lucky to get results in less period of time.
  • Laser method is highly effective when the hair treated is in its growing stage. Just make sure the area to be treated is free of cosmetics, creams, ointments, etc.
  • Yes, it is painful for some. But, you can count on any topical numbing cream, say Dr. Numb. Carrying 5% lidocaine, it is the safest option to treat your skin with laser, in a pain-free mode.

Lastly, referring this treatment as a permanent hair removal option would not be 100% true. But yes, it lasts longer than any other traditional method. So, if you have been working some sort of temporary measures, like waxing or shaving or those hair removal creams, you have better options to remove unwanted hair. Go hairless!



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