Why People Want to Remove Their Tattoos?

January 20, 2018   1350

Learn here why many people are getting their inked removed.

Tattoos are quite popular among Americans. Nearly 40% people have at least one tattoo on their body. After all, tattoos not only add to the style, but also serve as a vehicle of self-expression and aesthetic sense.

But not all people are happy with their tattoos due to numerous reasons. In other words, tattooing can bring a lot of regrets to them. According to one study, 23 percent people have tattoo regret in the USA.

Why People Want to Remove Their Tattoos

“My Tattoo is Not Attractive”

Many people take time to plan their tattoo design. But what if you are not satisfied with the outcome despite all that planning? Well, this is one common reason to remove a tattoo.

For example, if you are looking for a lotus tattoo and the artist couldn’t deliver the same, it will cause a lot of frustration. And getting it removed is the only option to free yourself from that regret.

Sometime it is a poor line work or shading that makes you think about tattoo removal.

To avoid getting this regret, it does make sense to get the job done from a professional artist. Tell him about your idea to know if he can make the same.

“I Have Made a Decision in Rush”

Admit it. Sometime you make a decision in rush after being inspired by a thing. Same thing happens when you see a beautiful tattoo and want to get it ASAP. But as they say that important decisions shouldn’t be made on impulse.

Since you are excited, you seldom care about the tattoo quality, artist’s experience, and the design of tattoo. Eventually, you can end up with a poor tattoo design.


“My Workplace Doesn’t Allow Tattoos”

Tattoos are still not accepted at most workplaces. Tattoos are not something that can go well with strict formal corporate environment where employees are expected to look sophisticated. Tattooed employees are asked to cover their inked art. Many people admitted that they haven’t got job just because of their tattoos. Therefore, you may consider removing the tattoo to feel comfortable at workplace or when you are looking for a job.

“My Tattoo is not Cool Anymore”

Do you think your tattoo is outdated? Or it is not trendy anymore? You are likely to remove it to get a new one. It happens. For example, the tattoo you got when you were a big fan of heavy metal band doesn’t seem so trendy now. The reason is pretty simple—your taste in fashion, music and ideas are changed over the time. The things you liked in your teens are not cool anymore in your 30s.

“It Reminds Me of My Ex or Failed Relationship”

You’ve tattooed your partner name on your skin. After the breakup, it is nothing but a painful reminder for you. You are not alone. Even many celebrities have tattoos of their exes which they have to cover with another design.

You want to remove the tattoo as soon as possible to move on.

“My Partner Doesn’t Like Them”

You like the tattoo. But that doesn’t mean your partner will like it also. He or she may find it offensive or disturbing on your skin, especially during the intimate moments. For example, a big lizard tattoo on your chest will be disturbing your partner (during love making)—a great “turn off”. Or a skeleton on your arm may make your beloved one feel nausea while dining with you.

“My Body Looks Odd with Tattoing”

Most people get a tattoo to improve their body image thinking that tattooing will make them look attractive. But it may not work all the time. According to one study, 30% people want to remove their tattoos just because it has made them feel less attractive than without the tattoo.

Laser Tattoo Removal: An Efficient Tattoo Removal Method

So you must have understood the reasons driving people to remove their tattoos. How tattoo is removed from one’s skin?

The most effective and result oriented method is laser tattoo removal.

It involves the use of laser beams to break down the ink pigment. These laser beams are intense and directed in a narrow frequency to the skin.

However, laser tattoo removal requires you to undergo multiple sessions for a complete removal of a tattoo. It also depends on your age, tattoo design and ink pigmentations. Smaller tattoos will need fewer pulses while larger ones will require more to be removed. After each session, your tattoo should become significantly lighter.

Here are some factors which determine the rate of tattoo removal with lasers.

  • Fitzpatrick skin type
  • Tattoo layering (if the tattoo is a cover-up)
  • Location on the body
  • Ink colors
  • Amount of ink (vividness of tattoo, if it was professionally applied)
  • Pre-existing scarring

But Laser Tattoo Removal Does Hurt:

Undergoing laser tattoo removal is not a breeze. This is because intense and heated laser beams are directed towards your tattooed skin to break up the pigments. Many people have reported that they felt like as if they are being scratched by cat while undergoing the treatment.

As an added woe, you have to undergo several sessions.

Don’t worry! The solution lies in a numbing cream.

A numbing cream is a topical anesthetic which desensitizes your skin against any sensation or pain. In simple words, it makes your skin dull for couple of hours so that you don’t feel what is being happening to your skin.

It contains lidocaine or benzocaine which dulls the pain receptors being responsible to send pain signals to the brain. Even your laser practitioner will recommend you a numbing cream before the process.

Dr. Numb is a trusted and dermatologically recommended numbing cream. It is widely prescribed for tattooing, piercing and laser treatments like laser tattoo removal. It contains 5% lidocaine and keeps your skin numb for an hour or two.

Read the instructions before using a numbing cream for a tattoo removal. Some general instructions to use numbing cream for a laser tattoo removal are…

  • Wash your tattooed skin with soap and water. Pat it dry.
  • Apply numbing cream to the skin.
  • Cover it with a plastic wrap or cling.
  • Remove the cover after an hour (or as mentioned on the pack).


Your skin is ready for a painless laser tattoo removal.


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